Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mani With A Flair

Spice up your fingers with the fun, new nail craze. Painting an amazing and unexpected splash of color on one nail is an affordable, easy and cute way to wear the popular trend, which is similar to the color-blocking of clothing. Experts suggest mixing two neon shades or coordinating metallics with pastels. I recently did a light peach on my nails and went for a colorful splash of mango on my ring fingers. It turned out super fab. Try your very own and get some ideas from the celebs below.

Vanessa Hudgens opts for gorgeous brown and gray to match her sparkly dress. Perfect colors for brunettes, especially in the fall, I obsess over these colors.

Beyonce went bold with pink and green neon. She matched her green earrings with her green ring fingers. Clever, B!

Modeling for "Impress Press-On Manicure" by Broadway, Nicole Scherzinger punches things up with a pink mani and single black "shatter" nail on her ring fingers.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Pretty In Peplum

Whether you are off to the movies for date night, grabbing lunch with an old friend or hosting a fabulous party, looking pretty in peplum in the way to go. Fashionista's around the world have modeled  gorgeous figures in the shockingly slimming silhouette. Below are some ways to rock peplum and of course the best places to buy yourself some sexiness.

Lady Gaga shows off her goods on tour in New Zealand. She dazzles in this gorgeous orange and accessorizes perfectly with white sunnies, gloves and heels. Paws up, Mother Monster!

Freida Pinto gets leggy at a premiere in this bright neon gown. Her hair is beautifully tied back in a pony tail while she handles a sparkly gold clutch and owns some amazing heels.

Pretty Little Liars star, Lucy Hale shimmers in this peplum mini. I adore the color of her frock with her soft brown waves. She completes the ensemble with nude heels and a handbag. You deserve to get an A, literally. 

Kim Kardashian looks slim and petite in this peplum white blouse. She accompanies it with black leggings, a black tote and silver bracelets. Way to go Kimmie!

Peplum Fail!

Unlike the photo above, Kim looks heavier and less fantastic here. The key to wearing peplum is knowing how to wear it on your body. While Kanye may want Kim to dress more provocatively (he clearly does not understand a woman's body), with a shape like Kim, you have to be careful. Kimmie already owns a yummy body, trying to dress sexier will only make her look tacky and trashy (most of the time, not always). This specific outfit has a lot going on. With her cleavage hanging out for the world to see, which makes her top half look larger, and her peplum-filled midsection, making Kim's hips look wider, this provides a fuller look from top to bottom. If you have a larger chest make sure to cover up like she did in the photo above and go for a simple-filled peplum midsection, making you look thinner but still just as gorge!

Get your peplum looks below.

Pick up this cute and sweet Peplum Ponte Tank ($78) at Anthropologie. Add demin or white jeans and a large necklace. Don't forget some adorbs flats or pumps and cute handbag to provide the full effect.

I adore this Alice + Olivia Victoria Peplum Dress ($264). Perfect for a night out with the girls, get it on with some spunky wedges and cute curly pony tail. 

Snatch this Sleeveless Peplum Sheath ($68, Plus Size Only) at Macy's. Add some dazzling bracelets and a long necklace with this dress. Don't forget to select a pair of sexy heels to complete this ensemble. 

Les Chic, Les Chien (Week Six)

Each week, I review one hundred looks, half of which induce the phonetic uh-mey-zing and half of which induce more violent vomit than the night Jake chose Vienna. With this series (translation: the cool, the rotten), you will ascertain, via my eyes, why an ensemble should spend an evening as your apparel or why an ensemble should spend an evening inside a nondescript box whose ultimate destination is the Salvation Army.

Khloe Kardashian-Odom dazzled in this gorgeous white dress while attending a 'Hpnotiq Harmonie' event on August 2. Sporting her luscious dark locks and fab white manicure, Mrs. Odom mingled  this ultra chic and sexy look with some amazing Christian Louboutin heels. I know I have mentioned before how flawless Khloe truly is, but she totally has us turning heads this week. Kim who? Bible! 

 I was pondering the idea that Lindsay Lohan could begin a new life and possibly walk down a less destructive road. But, forgive me for thinking those thoughts. After this abhorrent, offensive, and rather LARGE wardrobe malfunction, I seriously want to shed tears. How could you look at those pitiful jean shorts and think to yourself "Those are so rad, I must purchase." Instead, I look at those and think "Those are so... well, those have never been in season. How dare someone design such an upsetting pair of shorts." Lilo, please get yourself some honest help, and this time I am talking fashion!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

FALaLa (Fall Preview 2012)

As I was browsing through some brilliant "September Issue" magazines today, I seriously had some "OMG!," "Die!," and "I want that soooo bad" kinda moments. Really. I have never been more ready for fall. Maybe because I am working retail and boots and cute pants are arriving or  possibly because I am dreaming of when the 100 degree temps will suffocate. Either way, I totes have to share with you what I found, for what to expect and flaunt this fall. 

Flared LBD's

Get this Sheer Accent Flared Dress at Armani Exchange ($128) as your signature fall statement frock. The sheer lace adds the perfect amount of sexy while still keeping it simple and classy. Add fun bangles and earrings to complete the A+ look. 

Pendant Necklaces

Snatch one of these desired Kate Spade New York 'Desert Stone' Long Pendant Necklaces ($98). These are perfect to wear with jeans and a t-shirt. Try keeping everything else simple in your ensemble while adding the perfect touch with this ornate piece.

Bright Coats

Touch up your fall look with a bright coat to liven the outfit. This gorgeous Juicy Couture Chelsea Coat  ($398) is great for those fall days and nights. While most coats are going to be pricey, remember you are investing in something that will last several years. Pick a color that will always be in style such as red or black.

Festive Pants

Totally in love with these Women's Tribal Print Leggings by Kardashian Kollection ($22). While they may market them as leggings, they are thick and comfortable just like a pant. Absolutely a must have! (Top Secret: If you can't get your size online, check your local Sears store. I saw tons this weekend!)

Sparkly Headbands

This spunky headband is great to wear with any outfit you choose for the afternoon. The flirty, Sparkling Beaded Headband ($7) can be found at Forever 21. Toss this on while your beachy locks are blowing in the wind or while sporting a sassy, high pony tail.

Collar Necklaces

Pair your collar necklace over dark separates or a lace blouse. You can also rock one of these with a plunging v-neck to hide a bit of skin, or spice your look up with two collar necklaces, making a simple top look high-end. This Enamel and Python Chain Back Collar Necklace can be purchased at Express ($40).

Purple, Please

One of my favorite colors is having a HUGE, MAJ, moment this fall. Get your purple on whether it be your tops, pants, accessories, sunnies or handbags. You cannot go wrong. These grape colored heels are perfection. Get your tush to Target now and get these Paisley Platform Pumps ($30) just in time for the crisp weather.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pick A Lock (Part One)

I have a hair appointment next week and while I always struggle with how to style my hair, I ALWAYS rely on my celeb look alike's to help me out. I need some MAJ advice. Do you think I should continue growing my hair out so I can get Kim's long look, keep my length now like Ashley's or cut it short for fall like Katy? What do you think! I need all the opinions I can get. Tweet me @hannahkooc your thoughts or comment on the post below and let me know what you think.

Kim Kardashian rocks her gorgeous long waves while running errands in the city.

Ashley Greene sparkles with her medium length hair and looks super chic at a magazine event. 

Katy Perry shows off her new bob while promoting her movie in Rio De Janeiro.

Do you think I should color my hair? Do you think I should continue growing it out, keep it the length it is or cut it? Once we get the final two looks, we will consider more thoughts and opinions and finally decide what will be best for my new fall look. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Chic In The City

I passionately respect Jessica Alba for so many reasons. One of them being her exquisite sense of style. As I mentioned last week in Les Chic, Les Chien (Week Five) post, "The girl can do no wrong. She looks hot in sweat pants for christ sake." I stay true to those exact words. Absolutely. For some reason, I am always attracted to her ensembles and secretly want to research every outfit so I can find out the designer and make my purchase. Thank goodness I don't have the time to do something like that or I would be in some serious trouble. I totally had to do a preview of this outfit she was photographed in this weekend, because I seriously adore her taste in fashion and hope I am as chic of a mom as her one day. 

Jess walks the streets of NYC (with a Starbucks in hand, of course) as she models a simple and trendy white dress while mingling blue sunnies, a peach colored cross body bag and bright bracelets together.

Get a similar look to Jessica's below.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Keep Makin' Me Ill (Week Seven)

I have what the unenlightened would deride as a compulsion, fetish, infatuation, or obsession, yet I value as a virus every male and female should contract, Seriously Irresistible Shoes Syndrome. I need clothes (how many consecutive afternoons can one wear Lauren Conrad leggings? Love you LC), however when I even glimpse espadrilles, flats, sandals, stilettos, or wedges; necessities be damned! My eyes shimmer, my heart flutters, and within two hours, I’m reorganizing my closet because last week’s pair has new neighbors.

These incredible Chloe 'Stud Flats' ($375) are beyond words perfect. While they are a bit out of my price range, I seriously am considering splurging. I deserve it, right! (So do you!) Pair them with jeans, a dress or leggings while pulling a more rocker vibe. 

You should all know by now, I not only have an obsession for shoes but for leopard as well. Purchase these Steve Madden 'Pammyy-L' Wedges ($130). Sport a black blouse and yummy neon mini with these to add the perfect amount of deliciousness. Meow!

Grab some sexy ass leather leggings and pair these sassy Chinese Laundry 'Controversy' Sandals ($100) with them. These are the absolute sandal to end your summer with. FABULOUS!

Who doesn't adore a cute flat. Lets be honest. They are excellent for long days at work, going out when you don't want to wear heels and supreme for date night. Vince Camuto has designed these mouth - watering 'Ernest' Flats ($89), absolutely impeccable and something I think you need to pull your credit card out for.

I definitely love showcasing these Steve Madden 'Wearme' Sandals ($100) considering they are the perfect colored (dusty silver) wedge. So versatile, wear these with black, brown, denim, white and more. They go great with just about anything while providing an amazing sense of style.

Spitting Image

I recently came upon a photo of a celebrity that I admire and was gushing over a gorgeous necklace she was wearing. Sadly, after some research, I found out the necklace was a couple thousand dollars. I tried to comprehend the fact that while I am obsessed with fashion, it just wasn't a smart decision financially to try to invest in something so expensive. I got to looking around online and found some inexpensive look a-likes. I realized it wasn't that hard to find something very similar. Below are some of my favorite celeb looks for less. Enjoy!

Ashley Olsen taking a stroll in some gorge gold bangles, wears them with an oversized sweater (as shown). Dress it up with a LBD and grab the similar 'Hammered Mesh Bangle Set' for just $9. 

Jessica Alba flashes these fun two - toned sunnies while nearing her car in LA. Sport these with any ensemble and get the complementary pair for $6.

At Comic - Con in San Diego, CA, Ashley Greene rocks a caramel colored stone ring. Purchase the Tiger's Eye cocktail ring for $29, that truly resembles Miss Greene's.