Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mani With A Flair

Spice up your fingers with the fun, new nail craze. Painting an amazing and unexpected splash of color on one nail is an affordable, easy and cute way to wear the popular trend, which is similar to the color-blocking of clothing. Experts suggest mixing two neon shades or coordinating metallics with pastels. I recently did a light peach on my nails and went for a colorful splash of mango on my ring fingers. It turned out super fab. Try your very own and get some ideas from the celebs below.

Vanessa Hudgens opts for gorgeous brown and gray to match her sparkly dress. Perfect colors for brunettes, especially in the fall, I obsess over these colors.

Beyonce went bold with pink and green neon. She matched her green earrings with her green ring fingers. Clever, B!

Modeling for "Impress Press-On Manicure" by Broadway, Nicole Scherzinger punches things up with a pink mani and single black "shatter" nail on her ring fingers.