Saturday, June 30, 2012

'Cause Baby You're A Firework

As I prepare for a 4th of July party this afternoon, I find myself conflicted with what to wear. Do I wear shorts, leggings, red, white, blue? While my style is like an ever lasting mood ring, I wear whatever speaks to me, I find it harder to choose something when you have some type of "guide." While technically it is not a rule that you must wear red, white or blue for the 4th, I like to be festive and fun for holidays, like most people. If you find yourself running through similar questions like I did this afternoon, here are some adorb ideas for your sparkling holiday!

Purchase these Striped Cotton Back Zipper Tee ($38) and pair it with a chic white short. Add these sassy and bold Sequin Bangles (Striped bangles-$25 each, Starfish bangles-$32 each). Complete this look with cute gold wedges or sandals.

Snatch a pair of these funky Falling Imprint Cotton Side Zip Shorts ($58) and work a white or gray tee with them. Select this gorge Kate Spade New York 'Gerbera Garden' floral necklace ($378) and a pair of nude or tan wedges (as shown) to perfect this ensemble.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Rumor Has It

Eight time Grammy winner and female pop sensation Adele, released via her website that she and beau Simon Konecki are expecting. This will be the first child for the british diva and the second for her boyfriend of less than a year. While we wait anxiously to hear more about this precious news, here are some of Adele's most fab looks.

At the 2012 Grammy Awards, Adele models this gorgeous, sparkly, long black dress while adding the right touch with sexy red lips, simple hair and pearly earrings.

Out and about, the singer rocks an all black ensemble with adorable cat sunnies and black heels.

 Adele takes a stroll on the beach with her love, in a festive top, black leggings and the obvi essential, the beach bun.

While walking her dog, Louis Armstrong, the 24-year old looks simple and casual in a long black jacket, leggings and cute tan knee high boots. Black is so perf for you, Adele!
dachshund, Louis Armstrong.

Mission Impossible

With the sad news of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes splitting, I felt it was appropriate to look back on the impeccable fashion they once shared together. Throughout the years, I have admired TomKat seeing as they dressed the part for every occasion. Below are some of my favorite looks concerning one of Hollywood's most admired couples, that is no longer. 

Looking beachy and free on a stroll with adorable daughter Suri, Katie wears a yellow sundress, oversized sunnies and a vibrant headband while Tom rocks a blue polo and khaki pants. 

Totally classy and chic, Katie dons in a beautiful exclusive navy dress while Tom accompanies her in a very composed suit and matching tie.

All smiles at a Laker game in 2010, TomKat buoyantly shares a bowl of popcorn while they go carefree yet trendy in button up tops and jeans. Katie adds spice with her nude heels while Tom sports a leather jacket.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

So Hot She'll Melt Your Popsicle

Former Real Housewife of Orange County, Peggy Tanous was generous enough to allow me the opportunity to interview her about life in the OC. She explicates how she continues to cope with her depression, why she decided to join the Real Housewives franchise and what she learned from it, her family's new wine company and of course all you need to know about OC style!


What aspects of your style have you incorporated within your children’s wardrobe?

To dress comfortable! Casual but chic. 
What aspects of your style do you hope they incorporate as they age?
 To dress how they want and not how their friends or society want them to dress. I also hope they will know their is a time and place for everything and you can never go wrong with simple and classic looks.
How much do you influence your husband’s style?
Not at all. Lol. If anything he influences mine! He is definitely the style guru in our family. He has taught me what a difference good tailoring does for any outfit. Even down to tailoring his jeans.
How did having five girls in your family develop your style?
I don't think it did because we are all so different. Growing up part time in Southern Utah brought out my casual and practical side where OC brought out the glam.
How can someone be as active within sports as you are and avoid being labeled a “Tom Boy?”
 I love sports but am still such a girly girl. And I incorporate my glam into my sports! For instance, my ski outfit is white with lots of fur. Even my gloves have fur! My bike helmet is pink and I wear blinged out workout attire.
How do you incorporate your hip-hop\R&B music preference into your style?
I don't think I do unless I'm going to a concert and will dress the part according to the artist performing.  
What is acceptable hip-hop\R&B style for a housewife?
Wearing black. 
What is your opinion of the evolution of the fashion edginess of the Real Housewives of Orange County?
 I don't know if I consider the RHOC fashion as edgy. I think it's just part glam and part beach casual which is how the OC really is!!
Why did you join the Real Housewives franchise?
I joined the show to give me a fun outlet from just being a mommy that didn't take up too much of my time or take me away from my family much and I joined the show to start up my hosting career again, as I took about 4 years off to have my girls. 
How have you continued dealing with your depression since leaving the show?
Taking my natural supplements I sell on and staying active! 
What is your typical ensemble for a wine tasting?
Depends in my mood, but the last one we had I wore a black jumpsuit with silver blinged out heels! Sometimes I'll wear a dress or do the jeans and sexy top look. Time of year is put into account as well. Winter I wear more pants because I'm always cold. 
What did you learn from your Real Housewives of Orange County participation?
The ladies are very competitive and the show itself is not scripted but a lot of the scenes are set up. I also learned to not take anything too serious or get upset by things. A lot of people act or say things just for the cameras.
Can you share with my readers more information concerning Monarchy Wines?
It is the wine company my husband started and we are buying grapes from all over CA and coming up with the best varietals. Our white blend should be out by May and we are still perfecting our red! We love wine and got married at a winery, so it's always been a big part of our life together. 
How important is style versus utility when you consider sports apparel?
 Depends on the sport, but typically I say style is more important because if you look good people won't notice as much if your horrible at the sport!!

Below are some of Peggy's most fabulous looks throughout her life as an OC Housewife.
Peggy, looking sophisticated and fun in an LBD with magnificent detail, poses with her fashion forward hubby Micah, who dons in a great white dress shirt and suit coat.

At a Bravo event, Peggy looks ultra glam and spunky in this colorful leopard printed dress and strappy sandals.

The sweet and stylish Tanous family poses for a gorge photo. (From left to right: Capri, Micah, Peggy and London)

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Classic Cardi

Do you ever experience a moment while traveling where you get chilly? Or, perhaps you get cold in a restaurant? A breezy night by the beach? The perfect accessory for those occasions is a comfy and casual cardigan. Below are some of the best ways to work a cardi into your everyday style.

Ashley Greene rocks a caramel colored cardi while exiting a local airport. She owns this look with a simple white tee, ankle jeans, matching handbag and classic dog carrier.

Of course, my girl Kim perfects the cardigan look with bright and fun colors for summer. She works a pink cardi with a white top and ripped jeans while adding a feminine vibe with nude heels and spicing it up with a bright neon tote. 

Rachel Bilson always dresses so carefree, which I admire. Here she looks california fresh in a blue cardigan, gray tee, cuffed boyfriend jeans, neutral flats, brown belt and detailed shoulder bag.