Saturday, May 5, 2012

Yum Boys

One hundred minutes before I’ll Have Another spectacularly vanquished Bodemeister (who was my preference), a trio of two legged thoroughbreds ruled The Kentucky Derby red carpet. (Where were Vanessa Lachey and Kate Walsh when style needed them?)
Geoff Stults is the initial of this ternion each of whom epitomized the obvious, men have fewer options which equals fewer opportunities for mistakes. The former 7th Heaven and current The Finder star is celestial in a gray suit and white shirt, accented with a gorge smile, sleek hair, and leather shoes.

Columbus Blue Jackets Defenseman Aaron Johnson, who has unfortunately never registered a hat trick, counteracted the foul female trend of hideous head pieces with this splendid dark gray suit, white shirt, awesome Burberry tie, and black leather shoes.

Columbus Blue Jackets Captain and Maurice Richard Trophy recipient Rick Nash's expression is as striking as his impeccable black suit, blue checkered shirt, skinny blue tie, and leather oxfords.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Record From The Super Men

During Friday’s initial am hours, The Avengers amassed $18.7 million, narrowly eclipsing The Dark Knight’s midnight superhero film premiere record ($18.5 million). In recognition of Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, and Bruce Banner’s spectacular collaboration, I present a troika of marvelous moments from the thespians who actualize them.

Robert Downey Jr. (Stark aka Iron Man), obviously smiling because he is aware I am obsessed with his metallic sports coat, expands the singular piece via a crisp white shirt, black tie and pants.

 Mark Ruffalo (Banner aka The Incredible Hulk) exudes a mysterious mien with an ensemble you can emulate if you pair a mirror denim dress shirt, white pants, and leather shoes.

Chris Evans (Rogers aka Captain America), the superhero prototype given his muscles (love) and temerity, rocks an assertive shirt and dark washed denim jeans.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gifts For Your Heart

With fewer than two hundred and forty hours until Mother's Day, I present these ten potential presents, each of which (and you should purchase more than one obviously) will embed a smile upon whomever is the most revered woman within your world.

Gift this totes fabulous monogrammed shoulder bag ($53) perfect for an afternoon of shopping, more perfect for an afternoon upon the beach.

For the mother whose continually congested schedule includes baseball and soccer contests and practices, dentist appointments and dance classes, provide this adorbs monogrammed phone cover ($56).

Whether your treasured female's evening includes an imperative date or a simple meal with family, she will emit elegance when wearing this Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume ($120).

Ensure your mother a home which perpetually smells as exquisite as her cuisine with this durable Votivo St. German-en-Laye Lavender Candle ($15).

If your treasured female's hours are consistently and exceedingly consumed, Real Housewife of New Jersey and New York Times Best Selling Author Teresa Guidice's  Fast & Fit Cookbook ($13)  should provide an appreciated respite.

 Forever commemorate an incomparable mother-child moment with this gorgeous Olivia Riegel Crystal Frame ($75).

One of my most memorable Mother's Day experiences was the year my sister and I served our mom breakfast in bed. Her morning would have been even more spectacular had she been enveloped within these super cute Josie 'Indo Stripe' Pajamas ($88).

Is you mother's perennial summer obsession flowers and plants? Lowes offers an awesome Three Month Plant Subscription ($89), which includes a directly shipped, full bloomed plant housed inside a stylish container.

Ensure your mother appears as marvelous immersed within dirt as she appears dining inside her preferred restaurant with these chic Floral Garden Boots ($20).

Whether concluding a killer workout or enjoying a wistful stroll, your treasured female requires these stunning 'PowerBeats by Dr. Dre 'Sports' ControlTalk Headphones' ($150).

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Few More Days For To Find The Perfect Hat

The Kentucky Derby, ecstatically referenced as sport’s most exciting two minutes, will occur Saturday. I’ll have a special post recounting the most ornate viewers of this spectacle’s one hundred and thirty-eighth rendition, but for now, enjoy this Derby primer, as I remember a triad of previous ensembles which I idolized.

Nick and Vanessa Lachey shimmer upon the 136th Kentucky Derby's red carpet with the Wipeout host flaunting a demure pink mini, nude bow heels, and a voluminous hat which garnishes her dress almost as beautifully as her significant other's tie.

Kate Walsh glistens in a radiant white mini, which she accents with a black floppy hat, thin black belt, and this weekend's most necessary accessory, a cocktail.

Tom Brady’s style is consistently as splendid as his statistics and the New England Patriots signal caller scores with this fabulous black and white checkered suit, wicker fedora, white shirt, black tie, and Ray-Bans.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Campaigns Strike Like A Bullet (In The Head of A Designer)

Fashion Star’s Glamour accredited single image campaign challenge saw a quartet of aspiring designers amplify their creations with perfect pictures, while a trio conceived and executed exhibitions which resembled Polaroids from the edge. Unsurprisingly, Kara Laricks and Saks collaborated for a sixth occasion, Luciana Scarabello registered her fifth consecutive sale, and shockingly Ross Bennett’s female hunting vest proved a fatal self inflicted wound.
Luciana Scarabello, whom I predict will be America's Fashion Star, scored her third Saks sale with these audacious dresses. The classic black ($295) and fun floral ($325) are perfect for any female stalking a modern and sophisticated, yet spunky edge.

Kara Laricks surpassed a half million dollars sold as Saks (who else) exceeded H&M and secured the NYC native's spunky collared shirt ($235). Pair this piece with black leggings or jeggings, sharp jewelry, and whimsical wedges.

Nzimiro Oputa became the initial male combatant north of $300,000 sold courtesy this super amaze elbow patch cardigan sweater. While Nzimiro knows how to design for a man, he certainly got this look right on the dot. Acquire this staple in oatmeal or heather gray (as seen above) ($119) and compliment with a bright or neutral t-shirt, dark washed denim jeans, and Converse.  

While Ronnie Escalante's personal narrative, which he shared within this episode, was endearing; I was much more enlivened and inspired when I witnessed his beautiful blue mini dress which H&M obtained ($40).  Purchase this H&M definition of elegance with a modern twist and conclude the ensemble spectacular jewelry and nude heels or wedges.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Political Statements

The White House Correspondents Dinner, an annual evening which imbues glamour and vogue upon the arena once disdained as show business for ugly people occurred Saturday. Below are an actress and stylist whose ensembles insinuated West Hollywood, even as they strode outside the Washington D.C. Hilton.
Kate Hudson, one of my personal favorites as well as Ann Taylor's newest spokesmodel, dazzled in this ostentatious Jenny Packham dress and Edie Parker accent clutch. Liv Lerner wishes she had your elegance KH.

Rachel Zoe once again showcased she can not only style Tinsel Town's most notable, such as Goldie Hawn's aforementioned daughter, the Piper Lime consultant can capture and occupy the conversation herself, as she did with this bananas vintage inspired Valentino. Given several of the atrocious gown selections I viewed researching this post, I pray RZ procured a score of new clients.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Keep Makin' Me Ill (Week One)

I have what the unenlightened would deride as a compulsion, fetish, infatuation, or obsession, yet I value as a virus every male and female should contract, Seriously Irresistible Shoes Syndrome. I need clothes (how many consecutive afternoons can one wear Lauren Conrad leggings? Love you LC), however when I even glimpse espadrilles, flats, sandals, stilettos, or wedges; necessities be damned! My eyes shimmer, my heart flutters, and within two hours, I’m reorganizing my closet because last week’s pair has new neighbors.

These radiant and vivacious Brian Atwood Ariane Espadrille Wedge Sandals ($643) will pair perfectly with an adorbs white summer dress or a white t-shirt and skinny jeans.

These audacious and adventurous Kate Spade New York 'Stella' Slingback Sandals ($325) will provide any LBD an essential element, a pop of mysterious.

These MIA 'Reeba' Wedge Sandals ($59) scream Corona and flirtation when paired with a solid top, jeans or shorts, and a sweltering summer evening.
These Sergio Rossi 'Chloris' Strap Sandals ($1,795) are beyond words exquisite and for realies, worth every George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson which would be included within their four digit price. Accent them with a sizzling dress and voluminous hair.

These beachy Tory Burch 'Linley' High Wedge Espadrilles ($195) can skip from an afternoon upon the sand into an evening with the besties if you compliment these precious bow embellished peep toes with a casual linen or little summer dress, sparkling diamond earrings, and a sleek bunned hair.

Doll's Direct Message: This is the commencement of a series which will showcase five pairs each Sunday.