Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hannah's Holiday Look Book Gift Twelve

With Hannah's Holiday Look Book wrapping up with this fabulous gift twelve, I find it important to end on a positive note with a present that supports a great cause. Give this Feed Kenya Masai Scarf that is handcrafted in Kenya by a group of women and deaf artisans. 'Handcrafting these beautiful scarves provides much-needed work and support to communities in Nairobi, Kenya, particularly for a nation that is now dealing with a food crisis leaving 10 million Kenyans at risk of hunger.' Made from the red and purple plaid tribal fabric with the hand-beaded "FEED" logo at the bottom, when you purchase one of these gorgeous scarves it provides ten school meals to the children in Kenya. What a way to give back during a time when people are in need. 
Stay fashionable and Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hannah's Holiday Look Book Gift Eleven

While life certainly is unexpected and unfortunate things still occur during the holiday season, I want to mention the fun-filled gift you can get any one, including kids and teens. Purchase a relaxing game of any kind, one of my favorites is Apples To Apples. Enjoy your time sharing memories and lots of laughter with your friends and family and pull out your game collections on those snowy days when you are stuck inside (or for all of us West Coasters, on the days its drizzling outside, not that we get many of those!) Don't forget to grab some hot cocoa too!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Hannah's Holiday Look Book Gift Ten

Say what you feel but I love me some Scott Disick and I especially love his style. So, lets cut to the chase. Snatch your man a pair of these Charles Philip Constantino Herringbone Loafers which completely remind me of something that Scott would pair with one of his spectacular suits. Spice up your special guys wardrobe a little.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hannah's Holiday Look Book Gift Nine

Someone once told me dreams they wished to accomplish in the way Andy Warhol once lived. Ever since hearing about this objective and secretly researching all that I can on Andy himself, I respected and fell in love with the person with the dream and began to want to live a life in the way Andy did. Grab this NARS (best brand ever, duh!) 'Andy Warhol' Photo Booth Nail Polish Gift Set! While this is currently being written on my list for Santa, I hope every one else receives this gift as well.