Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hannah's Holiday Look Book Gift Twelve

To end Hannah's Holiday Look Book 2013 off with a bang, I can't resist my favorite item of the season. Therefore, I must share it with my favorite people, YOU! Welcome the new Naked 3 Pallet by Urban Decay, OUT TODAY!!! This is on every girls Christmas List and if it isn't, then I am pretty sure you are not hanging out with the right girl. (So, my suggestion is to find a new one.) Totally grab this before it is sold out for the holiday. I'm sure girls are camping out now. Until next year... Merry Christmas! 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hannah's Holiday Look Book Gift Eleven

For the little infant who needs something to occupy them while the rest of the family cleans up and unwinds after a fun filled Christmas day, this Fisher-Price Go Baby Go Poppity Pop Musical Dino is the perfect entertainment for the sweet little tike in your life. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hannah's Holiday Look Book Gift Ten

I literally gush over Melinda Maria. Like seriously dolls, I have an obsession. I swear by her jewelry. I bought some of her stuff over summer at Nordies (aka Nordstrom) and its still in mint condition. I love that I was able to purchase an affordable, high quality ring where I can wash my hands on the daily without having it tarnish and color my finger or having to take it off before washing my hands. The benefits of good quality jewelry is beyond priceless. So with that said, if you are still looking for something impeccable to get your gorgeous babe, you might as well find something designed by the beautiful Melinda Maria. I obsess over these amaze Blythe Earrings in Gold Turquoise! (More colors available.) How smashing are these?! Any girl would be so beyond thankful to receive these in her stocking! (Hint. Hint.)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Hannah's Holiday Look Book Gift Nine

Another wonderful gift for that special guy. Bose offers an awesome SoundLink and Mini Bluetooth Speaker system. It connects wirelessly to his phone so he has the freedom of double tasking. You can also upgrade the gift for just $25 by selecting from a variety of colorful soft cover protectors. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hannah's Holiday Look Book Gift Eight

Kids are so hard to buy for during the holiday, especially when you feel like they have every toy on the planet. I found the perfect gift for sweet, little girls who love dressing up and having tea parties. The Solid Fragrance Pencil Gift Set by Mark gifts each little darling with four scrumptious fragrances. It's never too early for a signature scent! 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Les Chic, Les Chien (Week Twelve)

Each week, I review one hundred looks, half of which induce the phonetic uh-mey-zing and half of which induce more violent vomit than the night Jake chose Vienna. With this series (translation: the cool, the rotten), you will ascertain, via my eyes, why an ensemble should spend an evening as your apparel or why an ensemble should spend an evening inside a nondescript box whose ultimate destination is the Salvation Army.

Seriously, Kate Middleton is so flawless. She defines the world beautiful. Just about six months after giving birth, she rocks a gorgeous white gown with lucid jewelry, simple, black clutch and her handsome Prince. Seriously, it just couldn't get much better than this. Perfection at its finest. Well done!

Robin Thicke, after your stupid 'Blurred Lines' video that ended up being banned from YouTube and now this grungy, homeless look, you make me realize the real truth... Blurred Vision. You are an adult, you are a parent and you are not a sixteen year old Justin Bieber. Therefore, dress and act your age. You are welcome in advance. 

Hannah's Holiday Look Book Gift Seven

Can't find something for the boys? Make your favorite guy smile with this 'Beatles vs. Stones' book. This is perfect for any dude that loves music and likes to read. They can enjoy learning all about the ultimate battle of the bands in this ideal copy by John McMillian.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Hannah's Holiday Look Book Gift Six

A yummy and tasty stocking stuffer perfect for just about anyone. Get your daily dose of salty/sweet when you order Fatty Sunday's scrumptious pretzels! They look as delicious as they must taste. Choose from 20 different flavors and either grab a variety pack or individual pack. Don't forget to make sure you get to enjoy some yourself! These go perfect with a cup of hot cocoa as you cozy up by the fire with friends and family. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hannah's Holiday Look Book Gift Five

On snowy and cold days such as today, I really start dreaming of the beach. Then, I realize how much I miss LA (believe me, the job hunt is on!) But, while I can't be surrounded by the palm trees with my sunnies on and a fruity drink in hand, I might as well cozy up with a hot cup of tea and my blog while a delicious warm vanilla scent roams my room. I adore the classic Vanilla Bean Signature from Henri Bendel. Its perfect for the winter months and displays such a classic all white look. The perfect scent for those bitter winter days. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hannah's Holiday Look Book Gift Four

Tis' the season to brighten your girls day, right?! Whether it be your girlfriend, mom, sister or daughter, why not get her this gorge Tory Burch 'Brigitte' Cosmetics Case! Its feminine yet spunky and great for her to toss in her purse. She can pile in all of her favorite lip gloss and mascara. Every girl needs a little touch up during the day, so why not make it worth her while and go on and snatch this fab cosmetics bag just in time for the holiday.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hannah's Holiday Look Book Gift Three

Each year that I ponder my Look Book gift ideas, I make sure to include the gorgeous Christopher Radko Limited Edition ornaments designed by celebrities or designers where 100% of the proceeds go to the Child Mind Institute. I have a lot of respect for Child Mind Institute and find it important to make them part of my yearly Look Book so we can help those children in need. Child Mind encourages and supports children and families by helping them believe, comfort and hope all while providing the one thing we all need most, love. Share the holiday spirit and purchase any of the six  gorgeous ornaments at Bloomingdales. Find out more about Child Mind Institute at

By Mariska Hargitay

By Alice & Olivia

By Katie Couric

By Megan Hilty

By Vera Wang

By Jonathan Adler 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Hannah's Holiday Look Book Gift Two

One of my absolute favorite accessories and something I have on my list to Santa is Look Book Gift Two: All in a Word Leather Bracelet! ;) Who else adores a genuine leather bracelet with a cute symbol or lovely sentiment! I love the "She Lives Life In Her Own Little Fairytale," sentiment bracelet because that is how I live my life. I absolutely die for these especially since you could seriously gift these for both boys and girls. Perfection!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hannah's Holiday Look Book Gift One

This year has been huge for me. I have finished college, started a job, achieved my "half way" goal in my weight loss journey and surprisingly enough, become more zen. Before, anxiety used to control my life. You would have never guessed, but last year as I started Hannah's Holiday Look Book, I was depressed, unhappy and to be completely honest, miserable mentally and physically. Today, I write up this Look Book with confidence, happiness and a sense of freedom within myself.  While I still deal with the random anxiety or worry, I live free and happy because I chose to make that change this past January as a New Year resolution.  With that said, this brings me to Gift One for Hannah's Holiday Look Book 2013! Lets get started. May Cause Miracles: A 40-Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness by Gabrielle Bernstein has helped me tremendously. I recommend this book to anyone dealing with issues as well as those just dealing with plain ole happiness. It will help change your outlook on life and make you feel more "one" within yourself, which is very important for an even happier you! This is the perfect gift for friends and family and even better, a reasonable cost. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Festive Fashion

As I was browsing Anthropologie online this evening, I saw some of the cutest outfits. I'm currently on the hunt for something stylish for Thanksgiving and decided to make it my mission to browse around. Is anyone else in the holiday spirit quite yet? I know its only November 3, but I got so excited after going to a Christmas Open House at a local decor shop, that I immediately put up my tree and got the hot cocoa and Christmas tunes out. This got me to thinking of what I will wear for these festive celebrations. Take a good peek at some of my favorites from Anthropologie. I am loving the selection they have this fall and I am quite certain you will find what you need for your holiday escapades! 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Your Fall Colors To Strut With

Fall is finally in full effect. Tasty lattes, sweaters, scarves and boots! Have you transferred your summer brights out to your dark autumns? If not, its time to make that happen. Check out the top fall colors below and admire the way our favorite celebs have pieced these colors in their very own wardrobe. Which color do you most want to rock this fall? 

Jennifer Lawrence

Olivia Wilde & Jessica Chastain

Olivia Palermo 

Kourtney Kardashian

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Doll Maison This Fall

Hello dolls,

I wanted to write a quick post and fill you in on the latest and greatest with your favorite, Doll Maison (DM).

First, I apologize that DM has not be active for the past several months. I started back school this February and didn't realize how much I was getting into. I was also not aware of how much it would put me behind on this blog, therefore I knew I needed to take a step back and focus on my studies and concentrate on graduating. Giving DM just a little bit of my heart wasn't good enough and I knew I needed to be all in, in order to do the best that I can for all of you. The fabulous news is that I am officially done with school and have finally graduated. I couldn't be happier!

So, to help cure your addictions out there, I wanted to briefly let you know what will be happening with DM this fall. While we will still continue most of your favorites (think Fashion Face-Off's, award shows and your yearly Christmas Wish List) we have a lot more to bring to the face of this blog. Start thinking beauty, fitness, health, nutrition, reality, real people and much more! Fashion is the focus of this blog but its also really important to eat right, exercise and take care of yourself in order to rock those fab LBD's. Its ideal to get real people involved so that we can experience others tips and ideas, because you never know what someone else has come up with. A fresh start that can open up our minds to all different things across the world is what I want this blog to be about with the obvious tie to fashion.

I can't wait to launch the new face of DM because I know it is only going to inspire and help us create more than we ever have. If you have any ideas, suggestions or know someone, even if it is yourself and would like to be a part of this blog, contact me on twitter @hannahkooc and I will be sure to get back to you when I can.

Thank you so much to all my fans and followers for truly sticking by my side and I can't wait to pay you back with an incredible launch this fall. Keep your eyes peeled, its coming soon! XOXO

Monday, February 11, 2013

Don't Let Them Change Ya

Can we talk about how INCREDIBLE the Grammy's were last night! Oh em gee. I am dying dolls. I must say in all the years I have watched (which is a long time!) this was by far the BEST I have seen in a while. Absolutely amazing. I woke up smiling today with the success that was broadcast. The Grammy glam, performances and wins were all fab! I am so excited about it, that I have decided to skip the worst dressed (don't worry, I still saw a ton!) so I can rave about my top three best dressed for both women and men as well as my favorite performances. 

Rihanna looking red hot and bomb was my absolute favorite of the evening and if I were doing my best and worst like I usually do, she would win. Hands down. I am obsessing over the long locks and bold lip. The custom Azzedine Alaia red frock is the most beautiful thing ever constructed. Literally perfect. Not only am I absolutely infatuated with this daring darling but she rocks confidence more than any other person in this world. No matter what is going on in her personal life she proves that confidence is key. She is the perfect inspiration for girls and helps us all shine bright like a diamond.

Can we discuss how delicious J Lo's body is, especially her thighs (holy!) and legs! She is one sexy mama who confirms curves are hot as hell and we should all strive for a curvy dessert looking body rather than a carrot stick. As soon as I saw her in that Anthony Vaccarello gown, I about fell out of my chair and wished I was either a guy or a lesbian. Holy lord. I just can't get enough. She took the Angelina Jolie leg look to another level (in a good way!). I love how everything but her simple shoulder and lovely leg were covered. It made the look that much more sizzling. Her sleek bun and bad ass heels topped this look.

When I came upon Nicole Kidman as I was watching red carpet live, I had to rewind real quick and make sure that it was indeed her. For the first time in a long time, I really felt like she owned a gown while still giving a sassy yet appropriate vibe. I seriously fell in love with this look she decided on that was super fresh, sleek and brilliantly designed by Vera Wang. I gush over her sleek, straight hair and relaxed jewelry. Completely perfect. 

Okay. The stunna shades and that chiseled face totally explains why most of us girls scream out the name Adam Levine. You know what I mean. The perfection this man has is beyond me. His parents must be proud. I am proud and I only see him on TV or listen to him in my car. Call me crazy but his tattoos are the hottest thing I think I have ever seen. Not only does he have the looks but he has the body and THAT voice!  Couple those with that gorgeous Lanvin suit and it honestly make me want to find him and make out with him (and more). This man oozes sex appeal and I am damn happy he usually poses topless for the magazines. Oh so good. 

I was SO pumped to see Justin Timberlake back in action. (JT, please never go another five years without creating music.) He was all swag in his dapper Tom Ford suit and tie and don't forget those enticing shoes. ALL men need a pair of those and I am not even kidding. In awe with his hair (what is up with the guys and the hair lately? LOVING it!) and sharp looking ensemble, this is the style all men need to model and pose. Obviously.

Chris Brown, oh my! I am usually not a fan of the all white suits and to be honest, I typically only like the classic black. But, something about this Lanvin look on Chris is magnetic. Maybe its the heavenly skin tone or appealing and charming look he has going on with that stance, or those earrings. Possibly one of his best looks ever. But whatever it is, please don't wake me up from this dream ensemble. 

My favorite performances included Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z (glad to have JT back!), Rihanna (flawless as ever), Maroon 5 and Alecia Keys (incredible duo!), the Bob Marley tribute featuring Bruno Mars, Sting, Rihanna and Ziggy and Damien Marley as well as the tribute to the late Levon Helm and the others lost this past year in music, performed by Elton John and Mumford and Sons (along with a few others)! Congratulations to all the performers, nominees and winners. What an incredible year at the Grammys! Until next year...

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Charming Coral And An Avoidable Upset

While the 70th annual Golden Globes were less than a week ago, it is obviously vital we recap. If we learned anything from this years Globes, it is clear that no one, I repeat, no one can pull off an Angelina Jolie leg show (Eva Longoria, don't even try that again babe) and may I ask what in the world was up with all the after party looks (Nina Dobrev, seriously you get less attractive everyday. Grandma much!) You would imagine with all the money these celebrities have that they would hire a decent stylist or something. Perhaps give Rachel Zoe a call. I know she can't save us all but she certainly could lend a few tips. I narrowed it down to my best and worst and hope you agree with my picks because I am starting to think I may be the only one in this industry with half a brain. 

This incredible coral color from Jessica Alba without a doubt belongs in her closet. I gush over this Oscar de la Renta look like a kid in a candy shop drools for bags of candy. Glowing in this dress she rocks the vibrant color. I love how her hair is swept to the side, her golden skin tone goes great with the makeup choice and that glistening necklace may be one of the best things she could have decided to add with this gown! Absolutely stunning. Jess blows me away.

I never understood everyone's fascination with Halle Berry and now I certainly don't. Is this Versace gown serious or am I simply dreaming? My mom just pinched me to alarm me of the fact that this is more than real. Who in the h-e-double hockey sticks decided on this piece of garbage! The high slit and cut out by her hip just screams "skank!" This does not cry Hollywood glamour. I don't expect everyone to model a classic style but I do expect some self respect and this is certainly not the frock to do so. The hair and jewelry is a complete hot mess as well. Do us a favor Halle and never show up again. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Tonight, 'Girls' Season 2 premieres on HBO. I know the anticipation has been killing all of us young females as we have been waiting anxiously for new episodes. So, lets recap real quick. Can you believe Hannah and Adam? This is totally going to be tough on him. I keep laughing at the fact that Hannah's ex-gay boyfriend is her new roomie and adore the idea of Marnie going with the flow of life. I think everyone needs to do that once in a while. Unpredictable Jessa and the threesome guy?! Seriously? Married? If that didn't shock us all, but something Jessa would totally do. As for Shoshanna, V-card... gone! Yikes... but something any guy by the name of Ray would totally do. I think we have a lot to look forward to this season and can't wait to see what happens. Don't forget to stalk lovely Lena Dunham's twitter page (@lenadunham) tonight. I have a feeling its going to be off the hook. See you on the flip side, girls.

Loving all of the ladies in floral. Adore Jessa's printed pants, Hannah's brilliant, bright blue, Shoshanna's wedges and Marnie's lip stick that matches her frock! Super fab girls!!

The boys are looking all dapper at the Season 2 Premiere. Ray's skinny tie is super fab, Adam's sleek hair is hunky, Elijah's detailed collar is the perfect twist along with the gray suit and I have an obsession with Charlie's grungy look and scruff. Love!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

From Dashing To Grungy Plus A Hunky Twist

Award season is finally here and I couldn't be more excited. After taking the time to enjoy the holidays and start up on my New Year resolutions (did anyone else make any?) I am so thrilled to start the year off with the best and worst from this evenings 39th Annual People's Choice Awards which were held at Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. 

Absolutely loving Lea Michele and her hot pink mini, she deserves this years best dressed. While her fashion may have suffered last year, she certainly knew how to bring out 2013 with a bang (lets hope it continues!) The detail of the frock is exquisite and she went simple and sweet with her makeup and hair, which is always a bonus. Less is more and in this case, much more! Way to go girl!

Ellen Pompeo might as well have worn her scrubs off set to the party. Awarded worst dressed, do I even need to explain why? Looking like she just got done dumpster diving, she tossed on moms table cloth and threw a small saddle around her waist. Did I mention her hair needs some serious work as well. Yikes!

        And finally...

A little bonus to all the struggling men out there trying to figure out a way to piece an ensemble together for the next big event... lets just say this is the way to go. Sizzling Jensen Ackles (back away ladies, my bff will one day be engaged to this hunk) shines in this awesome wine colored suit. Such a twist on things, I dig this look on any dude. The color goes great with just about any skin tone. Last but certainly not least, my main squeeze, Adam Levine, seems to bring it to the table (as always, obvi!) in this blue suit and radical dress shirt. Both of these hunks deserve an A+ while it takes a twist on something other than your basic black suit. Divine!