Thursday, January 17, 2013

Charming Coral And An Avoidable Upset

While the 70th annual Golden Globes were less than a week ago, it is obviously vital we recap. If we learned anything from this years Globes, it is clear that no one, I repeat, no one can pull off an Angelina Jolie leg show (Eva Longoria, don't even try that again babe) and may I ask what in the world was up with all the after party looks (Nina Dobrev, seriously you get less attractive everyday. Grandma much!) You would imagine with all the money these celebrities have that they would hire a decent stylist or something. Perhaps give Rachel Zoe a call. I know she can't save us all but she certainly could lend a few tips. I narrowed it down to my best and worst and hope you agree with my picks because I am starting to think I may be the only one in this industry with half a brain. 

This incredible coral color from Jessica Alba without a doubt belongs in her closet. I gush over this Oscar de la Renta look like a kid in a candy shop drools for bags of candy. Glowing in this dress she rocks the vibrant color. I love how her hair is swept to the side, her golden skin tone goes great with the makeup choice and that glistening necklace may be one of the best things she could have decided to add with this gown! Absolutely stunning. Jess blows me away.

I never understood everyone's fascination with Halle Berry and now I certainly don't. Is this Versace gown serious or am I simply dreaming? My mom just pinched me to alarm me of the fact that this is more than real. Who in the h-e-double hockey sticks decided on this piece of garbage! The high slit and cut out by her hip just screams "skank!" This does not cry Hollywood glamour. I don't expect everyone to model a classic style but I do expect some self respect and this is certainly not the frock to do so. The hair and jewelry is a complete hot mess as well. Do us a favor Halle and never show up again. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Tonight, 'Girls' Season 2 premieres on HBO. I know the anticipation has been killing all of us young females as we have been waiting anxiously for new episodes. So, lets recap real quick. Can you believe Hannah and Adam? This is totally going to be tough on him. I keep laughing at the fact that Hannah's ex-gay boyfriend is her new roomie and adore the idea of Marnie going with the flow of life. I think everyone needs to do that once in a while. Unpredictable Jessa and the threesome guy?! Seriously? Married? If that didn't shock us all, but something Jessa would totally do. As for Shoshanna, V-card... gone! Yikes... but something any guy by the name of Ray would totally do. I think we have a lot to look forward to this season and can't wait to see what happens. Don't forget to stalk lovely Lena Dunham's twitter page (@lenadunham) tonight. I have a feeling its going to be off the hook. See you on the flip side, girls.

Loving all of the ladies in floral. Adore Jessa's printed pants, Hannah's brilliant, bright blue, Shoshanna's wedges and Marnie's lip stick that matches her frock! Super fab girls!!

The boys are looking all dapper at the Season 2 Premiere. Ray's skinny tie is super fab, Adam's sleek hair is hunky, Elijah's detailed collar is the perfect twist along with the gray suit and I have an obsession with Charlie's grungy look and scruff. Love!