Saturday, February 25, 2012

2012 Independent Spirit Awards

The Independent Spirit Awards, the most casual and relaxed event of any award season, took place in Santa Monica, California, Saturday evening and while many still rocked attire someone would expect to see outside the Kodak Theatre, there were several splashes of beach vibed wear on this season's most uniquely colored carpet. Below is a selection of each, my best dressed female and male.

 Zoe Saldana, wearing the colorful and beachy Balmain Spring 2012 mini dress, perfected this look with Nude Brian Atwood stilettos. Her beautiful, brunette, beach waved hair and gorgeous skin tone made the look that much more, while her makeup was simple and timeless.

Zac Efron owned the carpet tonight in head to toe Lanvin. The actor perfected the outfit with his perfect beach colored and styled hair, while as always, gracing us with his good looks.

Fun In The Sun

When talking about beachwear every season, I tend to run across women who have trouble finding the right accessories for the beach or pool. It is always easy finding a cute swimsuit, but finding the right cover ups, shoes and beach bags tend to be more of the problem while shopping. I found the perfect stuff for your Spring Break or Summer fun in the sun and hope it helps all of you while on your prowl for the best beachwear of 2012.

This is the perfect cover up for a long day out in the sun, following dinner afterwards. Pair this with some cute rhinestone sandals or wedges, cute coctail right and fabulous sunnies and you will be on your way to success.

This piece is perfect for a day of shopping, sun and sand. It is flirty and feminine and great with a pair of rhinestone sandals.

Maxi dresses are super rad and look good on any body size and shape. Perfect with a pair of wedges or flats while exploring the night out on the town.

This is perfect for a day in the sun following a nice ice cream at the local ice cream parlor. Super casual and cute.

This dress is perfect for the full day in the sun, simple yet fun. It is comfortable yet flowy, enough room to dance and run around it while playing in the sand.

These beach pants are super chic and flirty. Perfect for the bike ride or car drive to the beach or pool. They are comfortable and funky, the perfect combination for making your way to the waves.

All of these adorable sunnies can be found at or your local Ann Taylor Loft store.
These fun sunnies are all currently 2 for $34 (online exclusive.)

These perfect sandals for the day at the beach or out in the sun can be found at 

These super chic beach totes can all be found at

Friday, February 24, 2012

Flirty and Feminine

Red lace dresses seem to be very popular right now and that's a good thing because anyone can wear this color and lace is uber sexy and sweet. You have to be careful with lace though. You need to be sure that you pick the right dress for your body type. While this is crucial with everything you wear, it is extra crucial with red lace. Sometimes, it will emphasize on areas that need to be a little more under the radar. The lenght of the dress is also very important. You don't want it to be too short because it will look tacky. Make sure it doesn't come up any further than right above the knee. If you want the dress to be a little shorter than above the knee, try making sure your dress has sleeves to make this look elegant yet still sexy.

Nicole Kidman

Shailene Woodley

Ashley Greene

Here are some places you can find this look.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brilliant Coats

While we are still awaiting beloved Spring, it is very common for the days and evenings to be slightly chilly. Recently, we have seen many celebrities out and about sporting awesome, bright, fun and festive coats. The goal for spring coat shopping this season is to look for fabulous bright colored coats, while wearing neutrals underneath. You can also spice the outfit up with a super cute printed scarf, fun and flowy bright pants or colored denim. Many outfits can be produced with a vibrant colored coat, you are not as limited as you would think. Below, we see Jennifer Lopez, Rachel Zoe, Pippa Middleton, Whitney Port and Jessica Alba rock these unbelievably adorable coats.

Jennifer Lopez

Rachel Zoe

Pippa Middleton

Whitney Port

Jessica Alba

Find these crazy cool coats at

For those gorgeous, curvy women, try this Steve Madden Belted Stand Collar Trench Coat (Plus) for $128.

Spring Bling!

Spring! Its so full of life and color. Most people I run across are super excited about Spring Fashion, because they know bright, vibrant colors will be in, along with fabulous and fun jewelry to spice up your outfit. Some super great new jewelry styles and colors we run into this spring are blue and green and tribal.

Here we have Jessica Alba wearing some awesome blue and green jewelry. The great thing about this blue and green jewelry, is that designers are running the colors together, rather than individually. Jessica's necklace shows blue and green run-in's (where the colors run together,) which is something you should totally look for this spring.

Tribal jewelry is also very popular this spring. We see that Kim Kardashian (per usual) knows how to rock some super incredible and chic jewelry. Her tribal jewels are perfect with a casual outfit or even a rad LBD.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Welcome Back To Doll Maison

During the previous sixty days, my unexpectedly hectic personal life has taken from me the necessary time this blog and you, my dolls, deserve. I sincerely regret my time away and as spring begins, I can't wait to share my thoughts and your stories. Please take a moment to fill out my fashion survey. I hope you enjoy reading the next months of Doll Maison as much as I enjoy writing it for you.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Doll Maison Questions Your Style

1. What inspires you while shopping?

2. What is your primary reason for shopping? (Example: Gratification, Sales)

3. What is your primary decision component for choosing an outfit (Example: Comfort, Mood, Style)

4. How much does your mood impact what your wear?

5. Which matters more: Comfort or Style?

6. What would you wear?
 -First Date:
 -Job Interview\Meeting:
 -Lunch With Friends:
 -Sporting Event:

7. What Three Adjectives Describe Your Style?

8. What Three Adjectives You Wish Described Your Style?

9. What Is Your Minimum Clothing Budget?

10. What Is Your Maximum Clothing Budget?

11. Favorite Designer (Budget Unlimited)?

12. Favorite Designer (Budget)?

13. Favorite Clothing Store?

14. Favorite Shoe Store?

15. Favorite Accessories Store?

16. What Is Your Primary Style Principal? (Example: Attitude, Celebrity, Trend)

17. What Style Would You Attempt Yet Have Not?

18. Describe Your Ideal Outfit?

19. What Are Your Favorite Shoe Styles? (Example: Boots, Flats, Heels, Loafers, Sandals, Tennis Shoes, Wedges)

20. What Is Your Favorite Denim Style? (Example: Boot Cut, Skinny)

21. What Accessory Must You Wear? (Example: Bracelet, Ear Ring, Necklace, Watch)

22. What Is Your Favorite Shirt\Top Style? (Example: Halter, Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve, Strapless, Tank Top, Three-Quarter Sleeve)

23. Who Do You Consult Concerning Your Style? (Example: Celebrities, Coworkers, Family, Film, Friends, Magazines, Stylist, Television)

24. Who Is Your Celebrity Style Inspiration?

25. What Are You Most Excited To Wear This Spring or Summer?