Sunday, July 29, 2012

Spitting Image

I recently came upon a photo of a celebrity that I admire and was gushing over a gorgeous necklace she was wearing. Sadly, after some research, I found out the necklace was a couple thousand dollars. I tried to comprehend the fact that while I am obsessed with fashion, it just wasn't a smart decision financially to try to invest in something so expensive. I got to looking around online and found some inexpensive look a-likes. I realized it wasn't that hard to find something very similar. Below are some of my favorite celeb looks for less. Enjoy!

Ashley Olsen taking a stroll in some gorge gold bangles, wears them with an oversized sweater (as shown). Dress it up with a LBD and grab the similar 'Hammered Mesh Bangle Set' for just $9. 

Jessica Alba flashes these fun two - toned sunnies while nearing her car in LA. Sport these with any ensemble and get the complementary pair for $6.

At Comic - Con in San Diego, CA, Ashley Greene rocks a caramel colored stone ring. Purchase the Tiger's Eye cocktail ring for $29, that truly resembles Miss Greene's.