Monday, February 11, 2013

Don't Let Them Change Ya

Can we talk about how INCREDIBLE the Grammy's were last night! Oh em gee. I am dying dolls. I must say in all the years I have watched (which is a long time!) this was by far the BEST I have seen in a while. Absolutely amazing. I woke up smiling today with the success that was broadcast. The Grammy glam, performances and wins were all fab! I am so excited about it, that I have decided to skip the worst dressed (don't worry, I still saw a ton!) so I can rave about my top three best dressed for both women and men as well as my favorite performances. 

Rihanna looking red hot and bomb was my absolute favorite of the evening and if I were doing my best and worst like I usually do, she would win. Hands down. I am obsessing over the long locks and bold lip. The custom Azzedine Alaia red frock is the most beautiful thing ever constructed. Literally perfect. Not only am I absolutely infatuated with this daring darling but she rocks confidence more than any other person in this world. No matter what is going on in her personal life she proves that confidence is key. She is the perfect inspiration for girls and helps us all shine bright like a diamond.

Can we discuss how delicious J Lo's body is, especially her thighs (holy!) and legs! She is one sexy mama who confirms curves are hot as hell and we should all strive for a curvy dessert looking body rather than a carrot stick. As soon as I saw her in that Anthony Vaccarello gown, I about fell out of my chair and wished I was either a guy or a lesbian. Holy lord. I just can't get enough. She took the Angelina Jolie leg look to another level (in a good way!). I love how everything but her simple shoulder and lovely leg were covered. It made the look that much more sizzling. Her sleek bun and bad ass heels topped this look.

When I came upon Nicole Kidman as I was watching red carpet live, I had to rewind real quick and make sure that it was indeed her. For the first time in a long time, I really felt like she owned a gown while still giving a sassy yet appropriate vibe. I seriously fell in love with this look she decided on that was super fresh, sleek and brilliantly designed by Vera Wang. I gush over her sleek, straight hair and relaxed jewelry. Completely perfect. 

Okay. The stunna shades and that chiseled face totally explains why most of us girls scream out the name Adam Levine. You know what I mean. The perfection this man has is beyond me. His parents must be proud. I am proud and I only see him on TV or listen to him in my car. Call me crazy but his tattoos are the hottest thing I think I have ever seen. Not only does he have the looks but he has the body and THAT voice!  Couple those with that gorgeous Lanvin suit and it honestly make me want to find him and make out with him (and more). This man oozes sex appeal and I am damn happy he usually poses topless for the magazines. Oh so good. 

I was SO pumped to see Justin Timberlake back in action. (JT, please never go another five years without creating music.) He was all swag in his dapper Tom Ford suit and tie and don't forget those enticing shoes. ALL men need a pair of those and I am not even kidding. In awe with his hair (what is up with the guys and the hair lately? LOVING it!) and sharp looking ensemble, this is the style all men need to model and pose. Obviously.

Chris Brown, oh my! I am usually not a fan of the all white suits and to be honest, I typically only like the classic black. But, something about this Lanvin look on Chris is magnetic. Maybe its the heavenly skin tone or appealing and charming look he has going on with that stance, or those earrings. Possibly one of his best looks ever. But whatever it is, please don't wake me up from this dream ensemble. 

My favorite performances included Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z (glad to have JT back!), Rihanna (flawless as ever), Maroon 5 and Alecia Keys (incredible duo!), the Bob Marley tribute featuring Bruno Mars, Sting, Rihanna and Ziggy and Damien Marley as well as the tribute to the late Levon Helm and the others lost this past year in music, performed by Elton John and Mumford and Sons (along with a few others)! Congratulations to all the performers, nominees and winners. What an incredible year at the Grammys! Until next year...

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