Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hannah's Holiday Look Book Gift Ten

I literally gush over Melinda Maria. Like seriously dolls, I have an obsession. I swear by her jewelry. I bought some of her stuff over summer at Nordies (aka Nordstrom) and its still in mint condition. I love that I was able to purchase an affordable, high quality ring where I can wash my hands on the daily without having it tarnish and color my finger or having to take it off before washing my hands. The benefits of good quality jewelry is beyond priceless. So with that said, if you are still looking for something impeccable to get your gorgeous babe, you might as well find something designed by the beautiful Melinda Maria. I obsess over these amaze Blythe Earrings in Gold Turquoise! (More colors available.) How smashing are these?! Any girl would be so beyond thankful to receive these in her stocking! (Hint. Hint.)

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