Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Future Theorized, Past Irrelevant

Fashion Star’s triple elimination, duel piece, one sale could not ensure retention penultimate challenge saw seven sales as the aspiring designers sought realization of the buyer’s request for a comprehensive collection. Despite this evening’s and more significantly, this season’s overall performance; Nicole Christie (H&M), Terron Schaefer (Saks Fifth Avenue), and Caprice Willard (Macy’s) stunned me as I knew they would, advancing Ronnie Escalante, Kara Laricks, and Nzimiro Oputa into this series six million dollar finale.

Ronnie Escalante not only received an invitation into the decisive episode, he became only the third combatant north of $400,000 sold as H&M acquired his quintessential dress ($40) and Macy's acquired his chic and urbane suit ($208).

Kara Laricks thought about consumers shopping retailers whose name is not Saks, as she chose H&M as the destination for this adventurous dress ($25) and Macy's as the destination for this sophisticated trench ($99).

Despite Orly Shani registering this competition's second most prodigious production ($430,000 sold), including a triad of ninth episode vestments, she was still one of a pair of participants who are north of Nzimiro, yet eliminated. Celebrate the Tuc and Wes founder with a purchase of her contemporary trousers ($25), innovate blazer ($40), or my personal favorite, this striking sleeveless dress ($295).

While Nikki Poulos finally presented a piece which was not a Maxi dress, this unique and uninhibited striped dress ($295), which Saks procured, she was still one of a trio of competitors with five sales recorded and without a decisive episode reservation.