Monday, February 20, 2012

Doll Maison Questions Your Style

1. What inspires you while shopping?

2. What is your primary reason for shopping? (Example: Gratification, Sales)

3. What is your primary decision component for choosing an outfit (Example: Comfort, Mood, Style)

4. How much does your mood impact what your wear?

5. Which matters more: Comfort or Style?

6. What would you wear?
 -First Date:
 -Job Interview\Meeting:
 -Lunch With Friends:
 -Sporting Event:

7. What Three Adjectives Describe Your Style?

8. What Three Adjectives You Wish Described Your Style?

9. What Is Your Minimum Clothing Budget?

10. What Is Your Maximum Clothing Budget?

11. Favorite Designer (Budget Unlimited)?

12. Favorite Designer (Budget)?

13. Favorite Clothing Store?

14. Favorite Shoe Store?

15. Favorite Accessories Store?

16. What Is Your Primary Style Principal? (Example: Attitude, Celebrity, Trend)

17. What Style Would You Attempt Yet Have Not?

18. Describe Your Ideal Outfit?

19. What Are Your Favorite Shoe Styles? (Example: Boots, Flats, Heels, Loafers, Sandals, Tennis Shoes, Wedges)

20. What Is Your Favorite Denim Style? (Example: Boot Cut, Skinny)

21. What Accessory Must You Wear? (Example: Bracelet, Ear Ring, Necklace, Watch)

22. What Is Your Favorite Shirt\Top Style? (Example: Halter, Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve, Strapless, Tank Top, Three-Quarter Sleeve)

23. Who Do You Consult Concerning Your Style? (Example: Celebrities, Coworkers, Family, Film, Friends, Magazines, Stylist, Television)

24. Who Is Your Celebrity Style Inspiration?

25. What Are You Most Excited To Wear This Spring or Summer?

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