Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring Bling!

Spring! Its so full of life and color. Most people I run across are super excited about Spring Fashion, because they know bright, vibrant colors will be in, along with fabulous and fun jewelry to spice up your outfit. Some super great new jewelry styles and colors we run into this spring are blue and green and tribal.

Here we have Jessica Alba wearing some awesome blue and green jewelry. The great thing about this blue and green jewelry, is that designers are running the colors together, rather than individually. Jessica's necklace shows blue and green run-in's (where the colors run together,) which is something you should totally look for this spring.

Tribal jewelry is also very popular this spring. We see that Kim Kardashian (per usual) knows how to rock some super incredible and chic jewelry. Her tribal jewels are perfect with a casual outfit or even a rad LBD.

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