Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fun In The Sun

When talking about beachwear every season, I tend to run across women who have trouble finding the right accessories for the beach or pool. It is always easy finding a cute swimsuit, but finding the right cover ups, shoes and beach bags tend to be more of the problem while shopping. I found the perfect stuff for your Spring Break or Summer fun in the sun and hope it helps all of you while on your prowl for the best beachwear of 2012.

This is the perfect cover up for a long day out in the sun, following dinner afterwards. Pair this with some cute rhinestone sandals or wedges, cute coctail right and fabulous sunnies and you will be on your way to success.

This piece is perfect for a day of shopping, sun and sand. It is flirty and feminine and great with a pair of rhinestone sandals.

Maxi dresses are super rad and look good on any body size and shape. Perfect with a pair of wedges or flats while exploring the night out on the town.

This is perfect for a day in the sun following a nice ice cream at the local ice cream parlor. Super casual and cute.

This dress is perfect for the full day in the sun, simple yet fun. It is comfortable yet flowy, enough room to dance and run around it while playing in the sand.

These beach pants are super chic and flirty. Perfect for the bike ride or car drive to the beach or pool. They are comfortable and funky, the perfect combination for making your way to the waves.

All of these adorable sunnies can be found at or your local Ann Taylor Loft store.
These fun sunnies are all currently 2 for $34 (online exclusive.)

These perfect sandals for the day at the beach or out in the sun can be found at 

These super chic beach totes can all be found at

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  1. For sunny days, It's very essential the accessories you have collected. I love as maxi dresses are super rad and look great on anyone size and shape. Culminate with a couple of wedges or pads while investigating the night out on the town