Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fashion, Faces & Fabulous (Month One)

Every month, beauty expert, Courtney Rogers, and myself will be giving you the very best advice on how to model the latest fashion and makeup trends. We agree it can be a little challenging to find a balance between style and beauty. Here, we will give you the latest insight on how to choose the perfect outfit while also incorporating your basic beauty necessities. We hope that with our help you feel more fabulous than ever before. Stay stylish, dolls. 

"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful."
 -Sophia Loren

Hannah (Style): Wherever you are, you are probably getting ready for fall. Slowly, we start seeing more scarves and sweaters. While we get excited for the new season, it is important to transition properly with your ensembles. Eva Mendes knows just how to do that. She opts for a simple white top (something you can get year round) while pairing it with a brown colored maxi skirt. She properly displays a caramel colored side bag and belt. Her sand colored wedges are the perfect transition piece, while this specific hue works for both summer and fall. She adds a touch of color with blue sunnies. 

Grab a similar look while purchasing a white blouse, darker colored skirt and simple, neutral shoes. Whether you choose heels, sandals or wedges, you need that perfect transition piece. Add a touch of summer fun (while you still have some time left) with a small accessory such as a pair of sunnies, a bracelet, necklace or ring. If you need any assistance, your personal stylist is here to help.

Courtney (Beauty): This season its all about simple, sexy and making a statement. I want to highlight three of my favorite looks I see trending. There are many more hitting the runway and fashion magazines, but these are my favs! 

The first look is sophisticated and simple. Its all about keeping the eyes very minimal, with flawless, but natural looking skin, a light contour through the cheek bones, and then a bold lip from burgundy to bright red. The more muted, the more fallish it will feel.

To achieve this look it doesn’t take much. Start with a sheer foundation, tinted moisturizer or BB Cream. Depending upon how clear your skin is, you can keep it pretty light. I like to add concealer under the eyes to brighten up any dark cirlces. Set with your favorite HD powder. For the eyes, simply use a primer (like the Paint Pots from MAC) and cover the lid. This can be the all over highlight color and brow bone highlight. Or, you can use a light color one shade brighter than your current coloring. Pop a tan to brown shade all over the lid to the crease for a nice, natural definition. Use this same color to contour out the cheekbones. Make a fishy-face and add that color under the bone for the perfect definition. Forego the liner, and just put on several coats of mascara, or even falsies if you are headed out. Lightly fill in your brows with a powder or pencil one shade lighter than your natural hair. To finish, pop on that bold lip! This is the best part. I like to start with a lip primer to help with any feathering. When working with darker colors, it is essential to keep the lip very defined, so line the lips with a matching liner. To pick out your perfect lip color, be sure to find one that really compliments your skin tone. Anything from a rosey red, to a bold burgundy will make the right statement. If you are having trouble choosing, your favorite beauty advisor will be sure to point you in the right direction.

Hannah (Style): One of the most popular statement pieces we will find in fashion this season is some lovely lace. While out shopping, I have seen it incorporated in scarves, on shoes, pants, jewelry and so much more. I personally love a lace blouse that you can pair with some jeans or leggings like Olivia Munn, above. She knows exactly what she is doing while she goes for that sexy lace on top, skinny jeans and black booties. 

If you opt for this look, keep in mind that most (not all) lace tops are produced in lighter hues. You want to make sure you incorporate your top with a dark bottom, such as a pair of jeans and definitely make sure you add a dark, closed toe heel or booties to have your body appear long and lean. Go for dark nails and simple jewelry (perhaps a pair of studded diamond earrings.)

Courtney (Beauty): The second look I want to spotlight is just super fun! It sort of takes me back to the 80’s with color! It’s all about a fun pastel shadow on your lids, lots of mascara and then a smudged out brown or black liner on the bottom. Adding a lip to match the lids is the perfect finish, or just a gloss. It’s a new version of that smokey eye we all die for.

For this look you just need to find that favorite colored shadow! I love using a pastel purple or blue. I love to wear this look with muted wardrobe tones, or matchy-match my outfit to my eyeshadow. Just go with what ever you feel on this look. Start with that light foundation in the first look, and then add your fun shadow all over your lid. Blend it with a nice fluffy brush through the lid crease to buzz out any harsh lines. I like to add a soft brown liner on the inner rim of my upper lids. This gives a fullness to my lashes. Pop that same liner on the lower, inner rim of the eye and then smudge it under the eyes. The thicker the smudged out liner, the more dramatic it will be. Be sure this is a soft smudged look, nothing too harsh. To keep it even softer, use a light brown color to blend in with that pencil under the eyes. Curl your lashes and add lots of mascara or some lashes if you are going for drama. I like to add a bright pink lip and then wipe it down to look more like a stain. Pop on a flirty, naturally pink cheek to finish this look off, or opt for a bronzer as a contour.

Hannah (Style): One of my celeb look alike's really went cute in this look above. Katy Perry goes fun and flirty with a floral printed dress and skinny black belt. I absolutely love that she took this look to another level with a bright, white headband and flats (don't judge a girl for having to carry her matching wedges, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!) She perfectly showcases that you can wear a cute pair of wedges or a simple pair of flats with a dress like this.

To develop a similar look, find a fun printed dress that screams fall. Dark, neutral colors are always great but if you seriously need a little bit more color to add to your wardrobe, do not be afraid to go for a tomato red, mustard yellow, burnt orange, or dark purples and blues. Find that amazing frock and pair it was a matching pair of wedges or brown or black pair of flats. 

All of these ensembles are terrific and absolutely what you will see in stores and around the block. Be creative and don't ever be afraid to take a risk. Your fashion should be bold and flirty. Treat it like you are strolling by the ocean, as near to the edge as you can go. 

XOXO your personal stylist, Hannah Cook -

Courtney (Beauty): The last trending look I am so excited to share with you is one that I have fallen in love with! Its sort of a holographic look/ smokey eye. This look is perfect for a day to night or just a dressy day look. It’s natural enough that you can rock it with your Toms and casual skirt or jeans, but also bold enough to wear out on the town.

For this look, grab your favorite pastel shade of eye shadow. With a fluffy brush, apply it all over the lids, and then pop it underneath the lower lashes as well. Create a 45 degree angle from the outer edge of the eye, to the corner of the brow. Throw on several coats of mascara and a subtle cheek and lip. Definitely let those eyes pop! This is fun, flirty and fabulous!

These looks are bold, and may be a stretch for you. But have fun, and see what happens! It’s nice to be able to change it up a little bit. Embrace being a woman and kick up those heels! I’m doing it too!

XOXO your makeup artist, Courtney Rogers - Human Beauty