Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Angel In London

One of my friends, Georgie, got the amazing opportunity to experience Fashion's Night Out (FNO) this past Friday. Not only was she lucky enough to have this chance, she got to have her FNO adventures in London! She had the time of her life and got to visit the new Victoria's Secret in London. I must admit, I am beyond jealous. The closest thing I got to the new store was Victoria's Secret Limited Edition London Dream Angels Push-Up bra. For real. Enjoy reading about her experience below and witness some amazing pictures she captured while exploring the new store. Thanks Georgie!

"Little did I know that when my boyfriend and I planned a day out to London that we were coinciding with one of Fashion's biggest nights; Fashion's Night Out! I'd heard of FNO but had forgotten that it was a worldwide event! I'd seen various tweets about goings on in New York and was extremely jealous! Then, when I checked Facebook the morning of our trip to London, I saw that there was an event happening at the brand new Victoria's Secret Store on New Bond Street - one of London's exclusive shopping streets. I immediately re-shuffled all of our plans to make sure we could go! My boyfriend was almost as excited as me.

When we arrived on Oxford Street, one of London's famous shopping regions, I noticed that most of the shops were celebrating FNO and were advertising some in their windows! Forever 21 was doing makeovers, House of Fraser (a department store) was having fashion shows and had DJ's performing while Swarovski was giving 20% off, swag bags and free champagne! - the whole street had a buzz about it but still I was more excited for Victoria's Secret!

There are only two VS stores in the whole of the UK, both of which have opened in the last month. I'm a huge fan of the brand and have been for years, after visits to stores in the US. I'd avidly follow news of the launch online and couldn't wait to get up there and see the store.

The event at VS started at 6pm, however my boyfriend and I got there at 4:45pm - I had no doubt in my mind that I could spend an hour and fifteen minutes in there and boy was I right!

As you walk in to the store there is a long black corridor, showcasing two of Alessandra Ambrosio's recent annual fashion show costumes; the detail in which was stunning. On the walls were each and every perfume that VS produces; including the Limited Edition London fragrance (which smells incredible by the way!) The corridor was long, leading up to an incredible mirrored staircase leading to the three other floors. Leading off of the corridor were four rooms. Three showcasing lingerie and one showcasing body products and the cash registers. The rest of the store was much the same; glamorous, enthralling and sophisticated.

There was thumping music playing and incredibly helpful staff everywhere. There was definitely a buzz about FNO. A lot of the staff were keen to tell me about their special offer; if I spent $70 (which let's face it would not be hard!) I would get a free iPhone case and a tote bag! I bought two bras, some PINK yoga pants and a lip stain - all extremely good value for money and good quality.

After 6pm (the official start of the VS FNO) there were waiters all of a sudden handing out macaroons and cupcakes! Pink of course! It was a great atmosphere; the amount of people in the shop suddenly doubled! All of the staff were extremely helpful and more than friendly when it came to gifting me the items!

Fashion's Night Out in general was incredible because there were thousands of people coming together for one thing; a joint love of fashion. It was evident that everybody was excited to be there and the general atmosphere in London at the moment (brilliant as it already is, due to the Olympics) was even more apparent.

I greatly enjoyed my FNO experience and I hope I get the chance to go next year!"

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