Friday, August 31, 2012

Les Chic, Les Chien (Week Ten)

Each week, I review one hundred looks, half of which induce the phonetic uh-mey-zing and half of which induce more violent vomit than the night Jake chose Vienna. With this series (translation: the cool, the rotten), you will ascertain, via my eyes, why an ensemble should spend an evening as your apparel or why an ensemble should spend an evening inside a nondescript box whose ultimate destination is the Salvation Army.

Kate Hudson looks amazing while arriving in Venice, Italy. She sparkles in a polka dot mini while she ties an adorable leather belt around her waist. The white tote, appropriate and bright jewelry (love that cuff!), and sunnies are the absolute way to arrive in style in the most serene republic.

Madonna is 54 years old and she is lifting her leg and showing her crotch to the universe. That in itself is my first problem. But, if you want to get serious, lets discuss her ensemble and that horrendous hair. Perhaps, the wicked witch of the west suggested she wear that hideous "dress" and lace up boots. The hair needs to be colored and she should probably consider getting off stage before Gaga shows up and owns her. Paws up!