Friday, July 6, 2012

Les Chic, Les Chien (Week Two)

Each week, I review one hundred looks, half of which induce the phonetic uh-mey-zing and half of which induce more violent vomit than the night Jake chose Vienna. With this series (translation: the cool, the rotten), you will ascertain, via my eyes, why an ensemble should spend an evening as your apparel or why an ensemble should spend an evening inside a nondescript box whose ultimate destination is the Salvation Army.

Who doesn't love a little George Clooney! I mean really, the man is like Benjamin Button. As he ages, he gets hotter. I am a sucker for a guy anywhere near the water. I love the sun and surf style. George goes full beach babe as he works a blue linen shirt and matching blue shorts together while accompanying the look with super fab aviator sunnies. Pass me a delicious Sex On The Beach and this stud and lets get going.

While most (if not all) of us are very aware of what Demi Lovato has encountered in her life the past year and the struggles she has gone through, this outfit seriously makes me worry for her. When you are depressed or feel bad about yourself, you don't care about anything else. This ensemble has disaster and self doubt written all over it. Demi, please do not ever wear this bizarre top, umbrella styled skirt, or ugly bone inspired white necklace again. If you need help, you have asked for it before, ask again.