Thursday, May 17, 2012

They Just Have The Glow

What To Expect When Your Expecting, an eclectic and whimsical adaptation of Heidi Murkoff’s “Bible of American Pregnancy,” premieres Friday. Below are the film’s five fabulous actresses, each of who’s apparel is as compelling as the performance they will hopefully deliver this weekend.

Cameron Diaz, one of my personal favorites as well as this month's In Style cover icon, emanates the exuberance of a Charms Blow Pop and a plush Minnie Mouse in this sprightly white blouse, army green jacket, and cropped jeans. America's most beloved bad teacher earns an extra ounce of acclaim courtesy her adorbs sunnies and side bob. Love <3

Jennifer Lopez sets the standard for scrumptious and seductive in this pink popped white mini which exquisitely accentuates a pair of incomparable cage heels which my boyfriend should purchase for me NOW.

Elizabeth Banks, with whom I'm recently and seriously OBSESSED, superbly couples boho and tribal in this completely fun sweater, striped shirt, vanilla infused bag, and jeans.

Anna Kendrick, whose ensembles consistently resemble those of Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Second Baseman Howie Kendrick, illustrates the importance of exemplary airport attire and reacquires her femininity in this flirty floral scarf, relaxed tan jacket, black skinny jeans, and brown wedges.

Brooklyn Decker, whose second cinematic endeavor of this summer, Battle Ship, also premieres this weekend, absolutely owns this shimmering gray long sleeved dress, which she curiously pops with this camel colored skinny belt.