Monday, November 21, 2011

Tough Girl

Are you a tough girl? Studs are a great trend that everyone is following in fashion right now. It adds ferocity, spice and spunk. You can add studs in many different ways. You can add it through coats, shoes, handbags, accessories, tops or even bottoms. Studs allow you to go classy or more edgy, any way you want to try it. Check out these tough girls rock studs in all different ways.

Try adding some studded leggings like Beyonce's to your wardrobe and visit Sears for Leg Avenue Seamless leggings with silver studded side for $7.

Try a similar trench coat like Kim Kardashian's found at Neiman Marcus by Burberry London. The Studded Trench Coat is available on SALE NOW for $453.

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