Sunday, November 20, 2011

✓ Checks ✓

Checks, Checks, Checks, Checks, Checks! As long as you have check print in your wardrobe, have no fear! Check print seems to be making its way into fashion right now and while many people have asked me how to make it look less like a picnic, I try to help them understand that as long as you have a little, it will always go a long way. Some like to really check it up and some like to soften the look and make it more simple. You could go either way, just remember that less is sometimes more, unless you are Lady Gaga of course.

 Add some check print to your wardrobe by trying Burberry London Exploded Check Print Shirt at Nordstrom for $295. You can also try out DKNY Sleeveless Stretch Silk Check Print Cozy Top at Bloomingdales on SALE NOW for $158.

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