Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Campaigns Strike Like A Bullet (In The Head of A Designer)

Fashion Star’s Glamour accredited single image campaign challenge saw a quartet of aspiring designers amplify their creations with perfect pictures, while a trio conceived and executed exhibitions which resembled Polaroids from the edge. Unsurprisingly, Kara Laricks and Saks collaborated for a sixth occasion, Luciana Scarabello registered her fifth consecutive sale, and shockingly Ross Bennett’s female hunting vest proved a fatal self inflicted wound.
Luciana Scarabello, whom I predict will be America's Fashion Star, scored her third Saks sale with these audacious dresses. The classic black ($295) and fun floral ($325) are perfect for any female stalking a modern and sophisticated, yet spunky edge.

Kara Laricks surpassed a half million dollars sold as Saks (who else) exceeded H&M and secured the NYC native's spunky collared shirt ($235). Pair this piece with black leggings or jeggings, sharp jewelry, and whimsical wedges.

Nzimiro Oputa became the initial male combatant north of $300,000 sold courtesy this super amaze elbow patch cardigan sweater. While Nzimiro knows how to design for a man, he certainly got this look right on the dot. Acquire this staple in oatmeal or heather gray (as seen above) ($119) and compliment with a bright or neutral t-shirt, dark washed denim jeans, and Converse.  

While Ronnie Escalante's personal narrative, which he shared within this episode, was endearing; I was much more enlivened and inspired when I witnessed his beautiful blue mini dress which H&M obtained ($40).  Purchase this H&M definition of elegance with a modern twist and conclude the ensemble spectacular jewelry and nude heels or wedges.