Monday, November 5, 2012

Fash In 360 (Destination Five)

Backpacking around the world from now until early next year, my longtime childhood friend, Ashley, is taking photographs around the world to assemble a portfolio for future jobs. Along the way, she will be sending information and some photographs regarding the latest fashion trends from each city she visits. I am seriously ecstatic to have the opportunity to share this firsthand information with you, my readers. With Ashley's endeavor, we can develop and evolve our own personal favorites into our wardrobe at home.

Ashley clued me in that while she was having fun and partying in Barcelona she spotted tons of poofy pants, high rise shorts and midriff tops. In the evening, she admired short dresses and tall heels. She explained that 'Barna' was very carefree and adventurous! Below are a few pics of Barcelona fash.

Follow Ashley on twitter @ashleymeek90 while she travels the world and read about all of her spectacular adventures on her blog

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