Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Spice For Competition

Fashion Star's sixth week watchword was variety as the aspiring designers challenged themselves with concepts as tempting as a cyanide and mahogany splinters cocktail. Ultimately, Kara Laricks and Luciana Scarabello scored their second six figure offers; Ross Bennett and Ronnie Escalante scored their second consecutive offers; and Barbara Bates creation may have been Winter Kate inspired, but the Chicago native's collection has Shady Limited's future.

Nzimiro Oputa may still perceive women's bodies as "weird," but his fabulous mini ($30) should score as high with female shoppers as the piece scored with H&M.

Ross Bennett was the second selection of H&M with a sexy two piece lingerie set which your significant other will crave almost as much as you will crave the price, a delicious $15.
Luciana Scarabello's second sale is as monetarily and stylish impressive as her initial triumph. This adorable Cropped Collarless Metallic Jacket, the choice of Macy's, costs only $99.

Ronnie Escalante's classic, simple one piece suit is not only appropriate for any physique, the mysteriously transparent front detail is a banquet for the imagination. Christen your summer with a purchase of this suit inside Macy's ($89).
Kara Laricks and Saks should transition their status from "in a relationship" to "engaged" as she and the retailer consorted for the fourth occasion with this layered Chiffon Dress ($375).