Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Faith & Consequences

After Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson, and John Varvatos proffered the aspiring designers both concepts and inspiration, half of the entrants harnessed the mentor's advice, while the other half scorned the buyers for not relishing their vision. Ultimately, Luciana Scarabello became the first with purchases from each of the three retailers and Sarah Parrott learned if only one retailer accepts you, you are the apparel equivilent of Dough In The Box.

Luciana Scarabello, not only achieved the milestone previously mentioned, she additionally became only the third combatant with four-plus overall sales and only the second combatant with four consecutive sales. The Magic City native enticed H&M with this eye popping, yet exquisitely feminine mini ($40).

Orly Shani, following consecution programs ensnared within the bottom pair, finally recorded her third sale, inducing H&M with this chic and sassy blue sleeveless mini ($35).

Ronnie Escalante, this week's sole selection of Macy's, registered his third consecutive sale with this cosmolitan one shoulder gown ($169), perfect for any event and perfect with statement jewelry and heels.

Kara Laricks, via John Varvatos emphatic plea, scored her fifth overall and second consecutive foray with Saks. The NYC resident's crisp wide leg pants ($195), super stylish high waisted plaid shorts ($140), and refined three button blazer ($350), designated her as the sole combatant north of $400,000 sold.