Thursday, April 26, 2012


Beyonce; winner of sixteen Grammy Awards and wife of fourteen occasion Grammy recipient Jay-Z, was named People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Person. In recognition of Mrs. Sasha Fierce, who is only the second African-American and second recording artist awardee within the honor’s twenty-three years, I present a quartet of the Single Ladies singer’s most spectacular moments and one of her aside he who put an eighteen carat ring on it.

Beyonce elucidates and exemplifies the objective of accessories as her studded white tote exquisitely extracts a medley of polka dots from this enchantingly hued dress.

The Heat fragrance creator radiates sensuality and sophistication in this bold red blazer, ferocious leopard scarf, skinny jeans, and brown ankle boots.

Beyonce's elegance is simply irreplaceable as she wafts in this elongated black dress, accented with butterfly and chord necklaces, a sleek ponytail, and ruffled and strappy heels.

The If I Were A Boy songstress epitomizes the girl next door as she flits this nonchalant ensemble which includes a white blazer and top, black sunnies, silver sparkly handbag, gray leggings, and bedazzled silver heels.

Blue Ivy's parents are most incredibly Crazy In Love as our girl B sports a fun blush colored jacket with cute rolled shorts and stilettos, while her boy Young rocks a white t-shirt draped with a gray jacket and dark washed jeans.