Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Second Chances, Duel Supremacy, & A Spectacular Pair Of Pants

During Fashion Star’s second episode, Kara Laricks resurrection ignited a game of show me yours and I’ll show you more, Nzimiro Oputa and Sarah Parrott showed consistency is an incomparable accessory, and Oscar Fierro could not skirt elimination again. Check out the quartet of designs which H&M, Macy’s, and Saks purchased this week.

Lisa Vian Hunter was selected by Macy's ($99). This design had me obsessed, screaming at the TV with excitement, ready to hit the store in the morning. Easily worn to a summer party or church on Sunday.

While Nzimiro Oputa was chosen by H&M last week, he was the apple of Macy's eye. ($70). This contrast - trim western shirt is easily worn to work on a weekday or an afternoon lunch on the weekend.

Kara Laricks was ultimately chosen after Saks scorched H&M in a bidding war ($325). This Plaid Shift Dress, depending on how you accessorize it, can be worn for a more casual night out or fancy event evening.

For the second week in a row, Sarah Parrott was chosen by H&M ($20). These simple, sophisticated tuxedo pants are perfect for work, play, or your next major experience. They sold out in twenty minutes online, but be sure to check your local H&M store tomorrow morning, as a select few pairs still remain.

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