Sunday, March 18, 2012

An Attitude For All

During this week’s episode of Khloe and Lamar, the youngest Kardashian sister, via her trademark mixture of candor, humor, and sarcasm, provided an example any female and every female who is struggling with self image should mirror. Self confidence is fundamental for confronting, combating, and conquering your haters. Thanks for inspiring us Khloe. You Rock!

Khloe is simply flawless with this look. Her poise and spunk echo the outfit's shimmer and shine and she completes the ensemble with a dazzling cocktail ring.

Khloe's emphatic red denim is a model for how any woman can shed size through their clothing. Her jeans, paired with a unique top and neutral purse, elongate her leg, immediately drawing attention to what is obviously her premiere asset (besides Lamar of course).

Looking sweet and sexy in this sparkly mini, Khloe knows exactly how to show off her previously mentioned best feature.

Khloe's duel blend of captivating silliness and supreme confidence radiates through both her ensemble, a cream trench and smashing wedges; and her perfectly chosen accessories, bangles, a floppy hat, a neon pink Louis Vuitton, and oversized sunnies.

While all of the Kardashians sizzle at their collection's premiere, Khloe, with her selection of a blazer and leopard mini from the trio's Sears line, is the sister who clearly owns this moment.

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