Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fashion, Faces and Fabulous (Month Two)

Every month, beauty expert, Courtney Rogers, and myself will be giving you the very best advice on how to model the latest fashion and makeup trends. We agree it can be a little challenging to find a balance between style and beauty. Here, we will give you the latest insight on how to choose the perfect outfit while also incorporating your basic beauty necessities. We hope that with our help you feel more fabulous than ever before. Stay stylish, dolls. 

"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful."
 -Sophia Loren

Hannah (Style): Growing up with a mom like mine, Halloween is kind of a big deal. Sometimes, I feel like its more important than your typical celebration. Don't ask me why, but my mom is obsessed with Halloween, it's her favorite holiday. It's almost as big of deal as Christmas (for real!) She decorates the whole house with amazing decorations and goodies. So, for me it has always been crucial and it's also the holiday that provides us all a little time to dress up and have some fun. The three looks below are some of my favorites while also essential styles you can absolutely rock without too much effort.

Courtney (Beauty): It is a great excuse to get dressed up and to do some extra fun makeup looks, too!!! I am so excited to find the perfect costume this year! My bestie is going to be in from Southern California and I have already insisted upon doing her makeup as well. We are trying to choose a fun twosome costume, or something that goes well together! If all else fails I will opt for the ever-traditional Fairy Princess!!! The three looks featured are so much fun and they all offer different pieces of makeup creativity! I just want to highlight three main tricks to achieving each look.

Hannah (Style): The look that Anne Hathaway models above is the classic Cleopatra. The perfect way to get this look is from a few basics. Grab your long white gown, a bold and stylish stoned belt, lots of gold bracelets and bangles (some that are big enough to go all the way up your arm like Anne's.) While out and about, look for a short, gold necklace. Something Egyptian looking. Last, go to your local Halloween store for the perfect Cleopatra headpiece. 

Courtney (Beauty): The first look is the traditional Cleopatra with a modern twist. Her eyeliner is what really makes this look. To achieve this you need a black gel liner and a liquid liner to put over top. Start with the gel liner and a very flat eyeliner brush. I like to start in the outer corner of my eye and do a thin line along my lash line. I just keep building onto that until I get my liner as thick as I desire. Then, make the angle using the outer corner of your brow to help guide you. For this look, you can make a very dramatic angle and still look classy! Once I have the liner the way I want it, I go over it with my liquid just to enhance it a bit!

Hannah (Style): To grab the sexy flapper look like Lauren Conrad, you totes need to run to the Halloween store. Unless you have a fringy, short dress you in your closet, you most likely will have to find it at your local costume store. Make sure you add a boa, cute clutch or shoulder bag, dazzling headpiece (with a feather of course!) and obviously those amaze long strands of pearls, which are an absolute must! Add short and sweet little heels to touch the look with the perfect twist.

Courtney (Beauty): To achieve a bold lip like Lauren that is rockin, it is important to prep your lips correctly. This will ensure that the color will stay through your Trick or Treating adventure, or your Halloween party! Start with a  lip primer (I love Smashbox's), or you can use a concealer if you don't have a primer. Literally seal your lips with the primer, and then choose a lip liner to apply to the entire lip. Now, my preference is to put on a liner that is close to my natural lip color, as opposed to trying to match the lipstick color I am going to sport. Once you line your entire lip and fill it with the liner, apply your lipstick color. Be very diligent to stay within the lines and do two coats. Now, the secret to getting your color to stay, stay, stay is to then dab on a coat of High Definition powder to seal the color. You can add a third coat of lipstick or finish with a gloss and I promise, your lipstick will not move all night long!!!

Hannah (Style): Argggh matey! Kourtney Kardashian rocks this cute pirate costume while she holds her sidekick and little frog, Mason. The best way to develop this look is by providing yourself the basics. Find a colorful dress with puffy long sleeves, corset, black booties and a pirates hat. Throw on your dress, add the corset and wah-la! Grab your booties and pirates hat (which can be found at the Halloween store as well,) add some bangles if you choose and out the door your go! Trick-or-Treat!

Courtney (Beauty): Applying lashes is a must do for any Halloween look. This can be a little tricky doing it on yourself because it is easy to get mixed up and turned around in the mirror. Just be patient and leave enough time to do it again if need be! I like to take my strip last out of the package and bend each one bit to get some flexibility. I then take one of the strips and apply a very thin amount of adhesive to it. Blow it to a tacky dry, and then apply the strip starting on the outside of your lashes and work in. Once you have the lash placed exactly where you want it, you can hold each end down and let it dry for about 20 seconds. When both lashes are on secure, apply a coat of black mascara to blend your lashes in with the strip. This will seriously amp up any Halloween look you are trying to achieve! Don't be afraid to rock some feather lashes, or ones with some bling on them and the hot thing to do this year, is to double up on your lashes.

Hannah (Style): Surely these beauty and style tips provide you some kind of help for your Halloween costume. If you need any style advice or have any questions concerning your Halloween wardrobe, please feel free to ask me. You can find me on twitter @hannahkooc or on facebook at Maison. Enjoy a careful and fabulously fashionable Halloween!!!

XOXO your personal stylist,
Hannah Cook - Doll Maison

Courtney (Beauty): This holiday is an excuse to go all out and have fun! Hopefully you will be able to use one or all of these tips in your Halloween look. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to tweet me at humanybeautyinc, or you can find me on facebook at humanbeauty! Have fun, play safe and be beauty!!!!

XOXO your makeup artist,
Courtney Rogers - Human Beauty

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