Friday, October 5, 2012

Fashion Amour

 Paris Fashion Week was held this last week and while we run into many different looks from what was seen at New York Fashion Week, I seriously gush over all of the maj designs. Totes bananas and something to keep your eyes out for as we wait anxiously for Spring. 

Christian Dior proves that stripes can be fun and flirty with this black and pink striped dress. They also gave us a preview of several floral looks, which is proving to be hot for Spring 2013!

Givenchy opts for a feminine and funky look while softening this season's colors with pastels and neutrals. This is something very different from last years constructions.

One of my favorite looks for Spring 2013 was presented by Balmain. Proving that you can mix and match all different kinds of prints, they choose simple hair, jewelry and shoes. This is the way to do it.

Lanvin's collection was very dark and whimsical while adding a touch of posh. Seeing mostly dark hues, the feel for this years selection of clothing for Lanvin is edgy yet totally elegant. Keep a look out for all different shades of blue like the black and navy dress above.

Kenzo has incorporated the bright colors and prints for the seasons clothing. With floral being one of spring and summer's important looks (as shown above), we must realize this is a must-have look to purchase before your next door neighbor.

Even if some of these designs are not your "style," try to keep in mind the things I am telling you and not necessarily the pattern the model is modeling! Hope you lovely dolls have enjoyed the Spring/Summer 2013 Paris Fashion Week Preview and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. That is what I am here for. Have a great weekend!