Sunday, September 23, 2012

Image Of Fear And Love

Tonight, the 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards were held at Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. As exciting as it is to have another award show to cover, I cannot help but express my deepest distress over the fashion choices. And before you get the chance to even speak these words, I know exactly what you want to say, "She always says this and seriously we get it already." Let us be real for a moment, shall we. Over half and yes, I said HALF of the choices made this evening were beyond words disgusting. Like honestly, my stomach started to ache. Luckily, I found ourselves a best dressed (never fear!) and hope that somehow my career takes off sooner rather than later because obviously Hollywood needs some maj help.

Sarah Hyland totally deserves best dressed. One of the most thought out, appropriate, elegant, gorgeous, perfect, sophisticated looks I have EVER seen and I want to steal this dress out of her closet and sleep in it. Her amazeballs Marchesa champagne gown with beautiful floral embellishment is fantastic and classy while providing a simple modern twist to it. Not only did she score an A+ but she co-designed this dress which makes me want to kiss her on the lips. Her simple, sweet hair and facile accessories completed this one-of-a-kind look. 

While she has left the pain of her divorce in the past, I think she should have left her wardrobe there too. What in the world was Heidi Klum thinking when she agreed to wear this appalling, disastrous, and hideous, Alexandre Vauthier gown. It looks like she is wearing a leotard with sheer curtains attached. People like her, who pick "dresses" like this, are the reason I worry about others watching for the latest trends the celebs are rocking. This certainly is not a trend and whoever clicked like on this was seriously disturbed. Worst dressed.