Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Buyer's Draw A Line And It Was Not Yellow

Fashion Star's fourth week high end\low-end challenge saw a savvy quintet scaling the ladder of success and an unlucky seven perilously clinging onto the rungs. Ultimately, Sarah Parrot achieved $240,000 sold, Kara Laricks and Nikki Poulos registered their third sales, and Lisa Vian Hunter learned even a supportive Nicole Richie tweet cannot preclude elimination. (#WeWouldAlsoWearYellow)
Following three futile exhibitions, creative and funky Barbara Bates finally scored her initial sale as Macy's chose both her high end Sleeveless Printed Halter Shirtdress ($99) and low end Sleeveless Hooded Halter dress ($79).

Luciana Scarabello left Ronnie Escalante as the sole designer sans a sale, as Saks chose her timeless Beaded Dress for $225. Easily pair this piece with black, nude, or silver heels and simple jewelry.

Kara Laricks continued living the maxim high risk equals high reward as this rocker vibed Tailcoat Jacket ($395), notched her third consecutive sale with Saks.

Nikki Poulos catalogued this season's eighth sell out with her maxi dress ($35), which was one of two H&M selections. If you are among the fortunate who wrest one from the hanger tomorrow, meld the garment with neutral jewelry as the expressive print is sufficient for ensnaring attention.

H&M extended their courting of Sarah Parrott into a fourth consecutive week, as the retailer purchased both her revealing white cutout mini dress ($40) and scorching red mini dress ($25). Amplify the already elevated volume of each frock with energetic heels or wedges and statement volume.