Friday, March 9, 2012

Like A Shot Of Pure Gold

My latest obsession and argueably the most outspoken and unique artist since Lady Gaga is twenty-three year old British sensation Jessie J. She may have started her career quietly, co-writing "Party In The USA" for Miley Cyrus, but with a pair of Billboard UK number one's (Price Tag and Domino), a number eleven album on the Billboard Hot 200, and a stint as judge on the British version of "The Voice," Jessie has established a presence which could allow her "Heartbeats" to one day accomplish the unthinkable, challenge the "Little Monsters." And can we even discuss her fashion...

Every second was a highlight for Jessie when she rocked this disco ball inspired Julien MacDonald gown at the 2012 Grammys.

 Jessie achieved the impossible, accessorizing and exceeding these printed pants with black and gold bracelets and a pair of glasses as a necklace.

Someone text Katy Perry and let her know this is how an extraterrestrial accents purple hair.

 Jessie has me infatuated with this exotic one shoulder green mini-dress. The dragon vibe of the frock was fabulous enough, but the button detail down her leg and the shoes are totes amaze.

I may not be in love with this look, but who cannot respect someone who pairs a black bandeau zip-up and an Oscar gold jacket with those pants?

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