Monday, March 26, 2012

Get Into Their Clothes

Previously concerning Mad Men, I discussed the show’s magnificent style. Tonight, courtesy Banana Republic, I share how you can channel the Golden Globe Award winner’s most iconic characters.

This fun and sassy top pairs great with a bold pair of pants. Cinch your hair into a bun for perfected sixties' style.

These bubblegum colored pants should be married with a neutral colored top and fun sandals or heels.

This Betty Francis inspired dress is splendid for Easter Sunday, an evening cocktail, or that special event. Complete the ensemble with a statement pair of heels or wedges!

Each of the previous trio can be seperately accesorized with this bracelet, necklace, or pair of earrings.

This comfortable cardigan can be worn with virtually anything, but most perfectly with a crisp button down or casual tee and jeans.

This casual polo can be worn with the above cardigan or alone with fab denim or slacks.

Check out this awesome button down. Great with a pair of dark washed jeans, khaki, black, or brown pants. This shirt is a very versatile piece.

This stunning suit coat can be worn with the slacks listed below for a special occasion or everyday with a dark washed pair of jeans and brown belt and the fabulous checker shirt above.

These khaki pants, depending on your choice of button down, casual tee, or polo are great for an afternoon with colleagues, an evening with friends, or a weekend at the golf course.

This belt is a superb selection for the loops of the selected pants above or your preferred pair of jeans.

This super stylish black fedora can be worn amidst the artificial light of a business meeting inside the local pub or amidst the natural light of a sunny summer Saturday at the beach.

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