Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hannah's Holiday Lookbook Gift Two

I am totally in love with Juicy Couture, ever since I was a little girl. Juicy is so fun and so sassy. Its the dream store of all stores (in my opinion.) It has such a fun, girly vibe to it. I always feel like a princess when I walk into a Juicy store. One of my favorite items is the Juicy Couture Gold Starter Charm Bracelet or the Juicy Couture Pave Gold Starter Bracelet. With these bracelets, over time, you can start collecting Juicy Couture charms. My mom got me a starter necklace one year and now every year she gets me a new charm for my necklace. It is so fun and always so cool seeing what the next charm I get is! With getting this special gift for a family member or close friend, you can always insure that you will have something you can get them the next year, a new charm! This gift is such a smart idea and your sister, best friend or mom will always be ready for the next holiday season, anxious to see what her new charm will be! You can get these charm bracelets at your local Juicy Couture store or online at

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