Saturday, November 19, 2011

To Dye For

Forget highlights! Try Color.Bug by: Kevin Murphy. Color.Bug is a quick and easy color treatment for your hair, that lasts for a day. Look at it like color without commitment. It allows you to go crazy, wild and free for the day. You can add this to spice up an outfit for a night out at the club or epic party you were invited to last week. It adds intensity and flashiness while attracting everyone around you, to YOU. Its super fun and super easy. Want to be the center of attention for the night? Want to go crazy for a day without any damange to your hair or body? Try Color.Bug by: Kevin Murphy. Available in Pink, Purple and Orange, $20 each. Here is Kevin's step by step podcast in hopes to help you bring out your inner craziness and help you in the process of applying your own Color.Bug.

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